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  1. Of course it doesn't say that on the ring, so Gundy can roll up to a recruit's house and show off the new shiny hardware. Lets be honest, this is why we see so many championship rings for so little accomplished (a division title?). Rings are tools used to woo recruits. If you don't have something new to show off then you aren't doing it right.
  2. ^ Google Mickey's Place Cooperstown NY. On another note, I think 1993 was the last year the batterman logo didn't appear on the back of New Era MLB hats. I agree with other posters that the NE flag ruins the look.
  3. While I prefer the Mets using blue and orange over any use of black, in my opinion the road set didn't look that bad.
  4. Cardinals photographer shows off his championship ring collection. Via @scottrovak
  5. They couldn't schedule the Royals for this? Why didn't the Cubs have this promotion last week when Pittsburgh was in town? At least that city had a Federal League team in 1914 and could have lent some credibility to a throwback uniform. Lets call this what it is. Next Wednesday the Cubs and Diamondbacks are going to play dress up. Leave it to the Cubs to screw up the centennial of their own ballpark. They're already off to a good start.
  6. Even though I'm a Cardinals fan first, growing up in the 90s I always thought that the Mariners had some of the coolest uniforms. I still think that the teal brim cap is one of the best in baseball. I really wish they'd make it the primary home cap.
  7. The new rebrand is just ok. I really wish they had implemented the state of Illinois in there somewhere. I really like this football helmet minus the stars.
  8. And that, in a word, was awesome. Truly a classy thing to do. But you have to admit, this is a newer trend. Really not common in years past, no? The combination of a memorial tribute and a championship ring is pretty rare. Like previously mentioned the Patriots had a reason to a few years ago. I don't know if everyone would consider this a tribute (but I do), the Diamondbacks and Yankees put American flags on their 2001 rings.
  9. No rumor to report, this is only a fashion cap, but with the Wahoo controversy coming front and center I think the return on the script I would make a decent home cap.
  10. Hey Brandon, what is that logo in your avatar? Just curious...... It's the Brooklyn Cyclones (Mets Class-A) cap logo. My initials are BC and I've always liked the logo.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if there is an emphasis on the state of Illinois. The university has adopted the motto "Our State, Our Team" over the last few years. I could see a logo with an outline or stamp of the state with a heavy dose of orange.
  12. Here are the Cardinals NL Champions rings. Pretty cool to see them use a jersey as the template for one of the shanks (even if it is the faux back). I knew there'd be the Stan Musial tribute logo somewhere on the ring. I might be biased as a Cardinals fan but they usually come up with really nice rings.
  13. Have you been to new Comiskey since the upper deck was renovated?I am pretty sure the main reason Tropicana Field was built was to attract a baseball team. It's a baseball stadium first and foremost, always has been. Perhaps the upper deck is better now, but I'm in no rush to sit up there again. Last time I sat up there was 2006, and I had to lean way out to see home plate. Not to mention that the section is really steep. The park can also be really strict about seat assignments. If you don't have a field level ticket chances are you aren't getting to that level. The Trop may have been built for baseball, but the layout for the concources wasn't thought out well. I had decent seats along the first baseline at field level, but it involved a maze of stairways to get to the section. I just expected better. To be honest I'd go back to all of these places. I'm looking to go to U.S. Cellular in May and Busch III and maybe the Trop and Fenway in June.
  14. Rankings from the parks I've been to: 1. PNC Park- Just as good as advertised, maybe better. 2. Camden Yards- Also lives up to its rep. 3. Busch Stadium II- Multipurpose parks get a bad name, but as a kid it felt like the outside world didn't exist. All you could see was the game. I miss that. 4. Busch Stadium III- I've been here the most, and my only knock is that getting to the upper deck can sometimes be cumbersome. I can't wait to check out Ballpark Village 5. Nationals Park- Reminds me a lot of Busch III could be a tie for 4th place. If you're ever close to DC don't pass it up. 6. Wrigley Field- Game experience strongly depends on where you sit. Get as close to or into the bleachers as possible. I don't recommend sitting underneath the upper deck. 7. Miller Park- Unique experience but even with the roof open you don't feel like you're outside. 8. Great American Ballpark- Underwhelming. Impossible to walk the perimeter of the park (weird for a new park). 9. U.S. Cellular Field- Experience depends on where you sit as well. Worst upper deck ever. 10. Tropicana Field- Baseball is not meant to be played indoors. Obviously not built for baseball. I hope TB gets a park soon.
  15. Saturday, April 12. Actually I think it'll be on the 8th.
  16. In my opinion the 2004 Red Sox ring is still the best of the three, but this year's ring is only the 2nd time the World Series trophy has been put on the face of the ring (1976 Reds). You can check out all of the World Series and most if not all of the pennant rings at this website. WorldSeriesRings.net
  17. I don't like the World Series MVP ring either, but it is not that unusual. Players are given rings for a lot of accomplishments. Example here is Michael Cuddyer and Buster Posey's batting title rings and Roy Halladay's perfect game ring.
  18. I'd love to see this logo make its way onto the Diamond Era BP cap, and of course back onto the road grays.