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  1. As someone who collects hats, part of me is happy to see this blowing up in New Era’s face. They really are a company that has taken their employees and customers for granted. The closure of the Buffalo plant, the drop in quality, and now the 2nd terrible ST/BP line in 3 years. These won’t sell just like the 2018 line didn’t sell, and New Era deserves every bit of it.
  2. Is there a site that has all of the caps up yet?
  3. Is this our first look at a sleeve sponsor?
  4. I wonder if they aren’t labeled ST yet is because they don’t have a ST patch on them to sell to you. My guess is the BP/ST designations will be given once the ST line is rolled out with New Era.
  5. Watch New Era drop the ST hats tomorrow. Super Bowl Sunday is a good time to announce a bad product.
  6. This has been the Red Sox Patriots Day uniform since the Boston bombing in 2013
  7. The Yankees have a navy alt? https://www.mlbshop.com/new-york-yankees/mens-new-york-yankees-nike-navy-alternate-2020-replica-team-jersey/t-25775454+p-1450424250780+z-9-1075973361?_ref=p-BRLP:m-GRID:i-r4c1:po-13 Edit: Here’s another: https://www.mlbshop.com/new-york-yankees/mens-new-york-yankees-nike-navy-alternate-2020-authentic-official-team-jersey/t-14770998+p-2538101173480+z-9-1388440486?_ref=p-BRLP:m-GRID:i-r3c0:po-9 Perhaps they are BP jerseys.
  8. Wish LAFC would have gotten the pattern the Fire did. Black with gold stripes would be a great look.
  9. Nothing says Fire like the color blue. The case study for how to not rebrand your team continues.
  10. Another look at the long sleeves:
  11. I know Reddit is frowned upon in this board, but here’s a picture of what LAFC’s pattern might look like:
  12. As someone who is a fan of long sleeved kits, this is a welcomed development.
  13. With New Era seemingly lacking good design in the BP cap department, imagine a cap with a location initial. It wouldn’t work for every team because they already have that, but a Blue Jays cap with the T from their road uniform would look cool IMO. Maybe do a RS for the Red Sox or the Yankees script Y, but I think you could end up with some interesting looks. The Mariners BP cap from last year gave me the idea.
  14. And it is lifted from the home white jersey. It works for me.
  15. The sleeve cuffs are surprising to me. With sleeve sponsorships coming, the cuffs would seem to reduce the amount of space available for a logo.
  16. What would retiring Kobe’s number across the league accomplish? What is the lesson or message behind it? I can’t think of one. He was a great player for the Lakers and they retired his numbers. He will go into the Hall or Fame; a place dedicated to the memory and celebration of great players. As I’ve already stated, retiring numbers would be an overreaction in my opinion. I can’t say that retiring Wayne Gretzky’s 99 makes a lot of sense to me. How many teams have a banner up in his honor, and what are we supposed to take away from that? Jackie Robinson’s 42 has a lesson behind it, but it feels like MLB is slowly chipping away at that every year when they trot out jerseys and hats in his memory to make a buck.
  17. Translation: We hope you tell people that we told you that we take your concern seriously and will be thrilled by our attempt to buy you off. Thank you, New Era
  18. Jerry West doesn’t own the logo. Just because a picture of him influenced the design does not mean Jerry West’s opinion should be the driving force for change. Outside yesterday’s tragedy, I cannot think of a reason why Kobe Bryant should be the embodiment of a new NBA logo.
  19. A league wide memorial patch seems appropriate. A league wide retirement of #8 or #24 would be a huge overreaction. Kobe was a great player, but he did not have the game shifting impact that say Jackie Robinson had on baseball.
  20. Rumor is Lids stores are stocking up on their $25 discount stickers as these new BP caps roll out.
  21. At least I’ll save some money by not being tempted to buy caps.
  22. Purely what mattered most to me:
  23. Way too many teams. Off the top of my head, these are the teams that I can remember wearing vests since the Marlins debuted in 93: Florida Marlins Reds Pirates Diamondbacks Mariners Angels Rangers Rockies Royals Indians Twins White Sox Rays Blue Jays The Athletics had throwback vest uniforms. All-Star Game BP jerseys and TATC included vests. Did I miss anyone? It really did take off. I saw blank 2019 ASG BP vests at TJ Maxx last weekend, and decided not to buy one because it is a vest.
  24. FWIW, when I think vests, the teams that come to mind are the Reds, Pirates, and Florida Marlins. A lot of teams have tried it, but in my option those teams are the only ones that have done it well. Some might argue the Diamondbacks too. The Pirates don’t get enough credit for how classic their home whites are. A white vest Sunday uniform that harkens back to the 1960 championship team would be a great addition as far as I’m concerned.
  25. Something I miss from Lids, that was lost after Fanatics bought them, was the ability to see all the items in a given collection. Lids did a great job grouping items together and you could see how all of the teams compared to each other. Underrated feature of their former site.