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  1. As a former social studies teacher, I can relate to this. I always started the year with remedial geography because A) I felt it was important to understand where the things we’d be talking about took place, and B ) it was sorely needed. States most students could point out on a map: Florida, Texas, California, Hawaii, and Illinois (where we lived).
  2. With the 3 dozen or so authentic caps the Nats have to offer their fans, New Era is probably at a loss for additional cap logos. A "clubhouse" cap does seem like a good opportunity to revive the DC logo.
  3. The Angels should ditch their 2 current sleeve patches for this.
  4. This works, but most teams don’t have the logo real estate the Jays do. I am afraid that a lot of the ST caps are going to look bad.
  5. Powder blue is already becoming tired, but the Blue Jays don’t look nearly as bad as the Rangers. The navy blue hat with the powder blue bill looks good. The Rays should have done that years ago, but that’s not a new opinion. The Jays swapping their primary and secondary logos is the wrong move.
  6. The NFL sideline hats had a lot of stuff on the sides this year, so I’m not completely surprised.
  7. Nike has already had baseball merchandise for years. If anything, high priced Authentics create a premium tier for apparel, but also act as vehicle for marketing the lower prices items that may have a higher sales volume. Does Nike even care if that many people buy an authentic jersey if it means they are influenced to buy everyone in their family a Nike t-shirt instead? Sure it’s less revenue, but it equals more units sold. That could be a win-win for Nike and MLB.
  8. I just think there is an expectation that Nike you should do that now because this board has expressed their outrage to the new sticker price. In reality Nike probably won’t make that call for several months after sales figures are collected during the season. We are simply in the data collection phase right now.
  9. Let’s not forget that Nike took on the MLB uniform contract to make money. As they are paying MLB $100 million a year, they are expecting to make multiple times that. One way to go about doing that, charging more for apparel.
  10. I don’t like the inclusion of Nashville SC on the shirt badge. Elongates the badge and makes it look bloated.
  11. FWIW, I think Fusion could be a good club name. It’s similar to United or Union in definition.
  12. Notice the MetroStars are not on this list.
  13. Retro MLS merchandise will be available in 2020.
  14. I finally came across a picture of the Rams NFC championship ring from last season.
  15. I also find this hard to believe since the Cardinals just swapped out Busch Stadium with Inaugural Season and St. Louis with 2006.
  16. Would also explain why the Cardinals had Busch Stadium on their 2005 patch for the last season at Busch II, but Inaugural Season on the patch for Busch III in 2006. The new stadium came with a sponsorship deal.
  17. Outside ads on the uniforms in the NBA, and the slippery slope that will be realized in the 2020s, my biggest gripe is the number of alternate uniforms. it is easy to point the finger at the NBA regarding this, but MLB is getting worse. Before this off season’s alterations, the Diamondbacks could wear a different uniform every day of the week if they had a road and home series. The Rangers rebrand is uniform heavy. How many hat and jersey combination do the Nats need?Some teams do this better than others because they have day of the week rules and they stick to it. Other teams seem to fixate on a look and stick to it forever with little variation. I don’t see it changing anytime soon, but that’s my gripe. My favorite uniform element of the decade has been New Era’s Diamond Era style BP caps. BP caps weren’t great prior to their introduction being 3930s. I remember the Cardinals ditching their BP caps for their red home caps at home and on the road during BP. It has been a great product and a great move. New Era has been able to experiment with retro logos and alternate color ways. There were brief dark periods of the Yankees wearing a BP cap during a game and the pro-lite debacle of 2018. Overall it has been a welcome addition to the MLB landscape.
  18. Good points made here. As someone who collects New Era Authentic Collection caps, I despise the flag logo on the side. I think it detracts from the aesthetic appearance. I have removed said logo, from some of my most recent purchases, but there is a line. If the cap first appeared after the 2016 season, I don’t remove the flag. I still hate the look, but I believe it takes away from the authenticity of the cap if it never existed without the flag. Some examples of this being the current Marlins or any World Series cap since 2016.
  19. It has worked well for me, much like Gothamite’s photo shows. I have also removed the flag logo with embroidery scissors and a safety pin. I suggest going slow or you might end up pulling parts of the hat that you don’t want to remove.
  20. I can attest that it works great on New Era logos too.
  21. Yeah, no. Nike and MLB have a multiyear contract. As long as Nike abides by that deal, they don’t have to change anything.
  22. DC United used scenes from The Office to reveal their 2020 schedule on Twitter. I thought some of you might enjoy this. https://twitter.com/dcunited/status/1207714948257865728?s=20
  23. @QueenCitySwarm can you speak about the excitement surrounding MLS coming to Charlotte? The MLS and MLB seasons run parallel to each other. I am wondering how that might impact the city as a potential MLB site.