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  1. Could just as easily leave it off too. It’s from the team’s official account. Doesn’t need a logo.
  2. The use of the M and grain logo is most concerning to me. Why slap that on an announcement if it is not sticking around?
  3. Yadier Molina To A single digit is very fitting in regards to the place he’ll hold in team history.
  4. I’m hoping for thin and gold stripes much like what Liverpool has now.
  5. You are thinking of this like a fan. The Yankees operate as a business. Just like Red Bull and the New York Red Bulls, the Yankees are operating the club as a business and an investment. Why would they pay to have the team play elsewhere? They have an interest in NYCFC and a facility for them to play in. Ideal facility? No. One they control? Yes. It makes 0 business sense to pay for their team to play elsewhere when they don’t have to.
  6. This is not a good looking cap.
  7. Yeah, I was thinking a Heat and Suns crossover. Does not make me think of the Magic at all.
  8. I’ve put off getting a new navy cap until I saw these. The hats look more balanced than the new logo IMO. i like it.
  9. I don’t think a powder blue jersey with a navy blue word mark would be a great look. To date, throwback alts have been reserved for home games. Maybe Milwaukee branches out to a road throwback and keeps the royal blue with the powder blue. That Milwaukee script is killer and definitely needs to come back regardless.
  10. A video game depiction is not usually seen as apart of the historical record. Leaving Wahoo out of The Show is not an attempt to airbrush history. It’s a choice made by a design studio or the provider of their league license to keep a controversial symbol out of a commercial product.
  11. Danny Mac released a podcast episode yesterday featuring an interview with Kolten Wong. Danny Mac asked what Kolten had done to take his game to the next level, and while naming some factors, he took a jab at Matheny without saying his name. Made a remark that having a manager that lets him play and believes in him really helped. I think your concerns regarding the development of young players is 100% justified.
  12. Like alcohol proof? That’s the only reference I can tie to the word proof and Kentucky.
  13. I think North American naming conventions have made New York Red Bull’s the proper name away from RBNY. EDIT: The club’s website is newyorkredbulls.com. If you Google search Red Bull New York, the results are all New York Red Bulls. This includes the MLS website as well. The MetroStars are never coming back. The closest it can come is a red and black kit. Red Bull is not going to give away marketing space for their primary property. You can say, “The MetroStars could come back if Red Bull sells the club,” and that’s true. Right now, Red Bull’s investment in MLS is likely a safe and stable one at this time. I don’t see a motivation for them to cash in.
  14. The Rangers are worth 3x more than the Devils (according to Forbes), and the Devils are only slightly more valuable than the Islanders. Name matters and NY > NJ.
  15. But the team has been successful. They’ve won Supporter Shields and made the playoffs consistently. I think we associate teams with being part of the community, but perhaps that’s not a priority to an Austrian based owner.
  16. Red Bull may not market themselves in New York, but maybe they aren't motivated to do so. They are a global conglomerate that has bought clubs and invested in other non-beverage entities to diversify themselves and provide a buffer if there is a shift in the energy drink market or public perception. That's smart. Meanwhile their investment has grown in value mostly due to the work of others. Since Red Bull has bought the club they have moved into a nice stadium, fielded a competitive club, and their attendance is in the middle of the pack. That might be enough to cover the operating expenses, and since Red Bull is privately held they don't have shareholders to answer to for profits. It is a unique setup in the American professional sports landscape.
  17. Having a name with New York has more value than a name with New Jersey. Red Bull is not going to give that value away.
  18. It was included with the San Diego update, so you aren’t far behind.
  19. Sure it should be considered seriously. It is the method that fans have the greatest access to voice opinions and ask questions. If they were not legitimate avenues, teams and leagues would not invest in social media teams to present to and respond to fans. Now I do agree it doesn’t give the best reading of an opinion on a topic because social media is not always a great cross section of age, race, gender, socio-economic status etc.. That’s where further polling and outreach take over. That’s why I said it is not the only source that would be considered. We’ll have to disagree that it is not a legitimate source. Social media has become the primary communication platform for teams and fans.
  20. But if you’re looking to get an idea of how the fans feel, it would be a legitimate source for information. Not the only source you’d look at but a legitimate one. Therefore it should not be discounted.
  21. Updated the MLB app on my phone this morning. Along with updating San Diego’s colors, there was an update to the Cardinals STL. The trial run appears to have become official. As a Cards fan, this doesn’t bother me, but it is more of Bill DeWitt III’s change for the sake of change that he’s been engaging in for the last 6-7 years.
  22. Fair but it shouldn’t be completely discounted either, IMO.
  23. The merits of having a military themed uniform were a hot topic on these boards not long ago. Looking through social media this morning, outside the praise for this uniform set, there were a lot of comments inquiring if there would still be a Sunday camo uniform (there will). That said enough to me about how important that uniform is to Padres fans.
  24. The pinstripe road alt is my favorite look. Road pinstriped uniforms look good. Not sure why you need an unstriped version of the sand pants for the brown top. I think pinstripes and colored tops look fine. Looking at you too Rockies. I have never been team brown, but this was very well done.