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  1. I thought the teal home and road looks should have been their primary identity. Definitely a loss.
  2. Texas Rangers, Colorado Rockies, Florida Panthers, New Jersey Devils etc. are good names because they are named after actual things. Yes, I realize that the Jersey Devil is fictitious (or is it?), but its legend existed before the hockey team.
  3. Since when has Colorado been empty? Wyoming, sure but not Colorado.
  4. Should bring back the orange cap as a Sunday alternate, and as always, put an orange squatchee on the orange brim cap. Cap 101. If the brim is a different color than the crown, the squatchee matches the brim.
  5. In my experience, team shop pricing can easily be 20-25% higher than other retail outlets.
  6. I think the white S would look fine. For it to work, I think you would need white outlines on the letters and numbers on the road uniform. I don’t see that being necessary.
  7. One of the first uniforms I remember seeing and actually being angry about (I was in middle school). The 90s blue pinstripe home uniform is my favorite Padres look, and I did not understand why they switched to such a bland look.
  8. Still forcing the Reds script I see. Do Reds fans like that script on uniforms?
  9. I was afraid the Taco Bell look would be front and center. Glad to see it’s off to a good start.
  10. Since things like this are cyclic, 10 years from now there will be users on this board, or wherever discussions of this nature take place, clamoring for the M and wheat look again because it corresponds with the longest period of sustained success in team history.
  11. Has anyone looked into trademark filings for this? What we have are two Topps cards. One with the current M logo, and one with a supposed leak. The webbing change on the glove is one thing, but why would they change the stitching on the baseball? I am not buying this “leak” yet.
  12. Nevermind. They lost the series in white.
  13. Perhaps the question should be, is MLB killing MLB ‘47 Franchise caps?
  14. This is a bad comparison. It can’t be one way because that was 150 years ago, but it can be another because it fits your narrative despite being even longer ago.
  15. If the Brewers and Padres unveil uniforms that are widely accepted, will there be a reason for this board to exist? (Sarcasm)
  16. I would argue that the Diamondbacks need some changes.
  17. I should add that the Houston Astros had some years this decade in the NL Central, and they were not successful. With that said, I think they’ve turned out ok.
  18. The 2010s have been a decade of success for the NL Central. Every team, but the Pirates, won a division title. The Pirates had some very good teams that couldn’t make it past the Wild Card game. The Reds appear to be in position to be very competitive in 2020. In a related note, every team in the AL East won a division title during the 2010s.
  19. This has already been said, but not is worth stating again. This year’s post season logo package is fantastic.
  20. Good point because they wanted Cleveland’s area code to stand out on the ring.
  21. That has been used before; the Cavs ring comes to mind. I’m with you, it looks bad.
  22. The custom Drake ring looks better. At least it has a raptor.