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  1. We only have to wear these once right? At least they are better than the fruit stripe ones.
  2. Wichita State has Nike for basketball and UA for baseball
  3. People have asked me the last two years why I wanted the Big XII championship so much. They say it's meaningless and that I should only care about the big dance. Well I knew last year and am pretty sure this year that we will be lucky to reach the second weekend. I don't know what it is but we're just not as good these last two years.
  4. No Kansas City? I feel like it's a better market than New Mexico and Reno.
  5. Yeah starting to notice. Baylor wasn't too good last month and Texas wasn't great 3 years ago. Oddly I don't remember traffic being bad for the 2012 Cotton Bowl
  6. After going to this years Alamo Bowl I don't think San Antonio is ready. The Alamodome seems nice from the outside but inside it felt kind of like a concrete prison. Concessions were horribly operated. I spent all of half time waiting in line for a hot dog. And some people spent longer than that. The video boards need to be replaced if they want an NFL team also. Finally the roof started to leak near the end of the game. Then after the game I spent 30 min trying to get on to the interstate right next to the stadium. I know traffic can be bad in big cities but this just seemed really bad compared to other places I've been.
  7. Just curious what do you think is wrong with the Royals?
  8. No need for 12 teams. You can get a waiver to host a conference championship game with 10 teams... the SWAC does a CCG with 10 teams. Why can't the Big 12? Believe me if we can I would love that. There are no two teams that we can add that will bring in enough revenue to keep us getting the money we do now. That money really helps.
  9. Sadly I think it's time for the Big 12 to go back to 12 teams. It was nice getting tons of money due to splitting the revenue only 10 ways but it came back to bite us.
  10. Don't know how I feel about that.
  11. God I can't believe KU is letting this happen.
  12. Well let's see every year for the Royals that I have been alive except last year.
  13. Green/grey underbills Vests When alternate uniforms were actually cool to see and not something that is worn half the time. Also I don't like when teams are scheduled to wear alternates. I used to enjoy the suprise.