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  1. Adidas did warn us last year that alternates were coming!
  2. Theyre supposed to look like a Husky with the black and white. I wonder what details there are that we just can't see yet.
  3. For the next round of NFL uniform updates, I would like to see new looks for Seattle, Arizona, New England, Carolina and Denver for sure, and possibly Houston.
  4. That's exactly my gripe with that set. The only negative point I found.
  5. A big mistake here is the all-pewter. It needs orange, which would eliminate the need for two pairs of pewter pants.
  6. I didn't notice the darker green shoulder stripe when these were first released. I just noticed it in today's game. It's unnecessary.
  7. They claim fabric for lighter weight and better fitting pants can't be shiny. I'm sure they could figure it out, but I think the dull pants look better except for silver and gold.
  8. Washington released their women's soccer uniforms today and they have a new font that is based on the new number font. I wonder how this will effect the endzone text which is written in the previous font. Old Font:
  9. Official photos of UW's uniforms are here https://www.huskiesnewera.com/inspired-by-history-designed-for-the-future They are so much better than I was prepared for.
  10. Evidently there is a media only boat cruise at 7pm tomorrow where the uniforms will be unveiled to select media only. No photo/video allowed an photos will not be released until the 10th. But, the media can describe the uniforms. So we will see how that goes I guess...
  11. UCONN looks great but I would love to see a little red.
  12. These would be be perfect with white numbers and lettering rather than silver to match the KU logo.
  13. When I was younger I always looked at the WSU logo backwards, left to right. I thought the line between the W and S was the mouth and the first space in the W was the eye...
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