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  1. Hey, first concept posted to these boards. Starting with the Quebec division of CIS football. To begin, the Concordia Stingers. Only redesigning the uniform, haven't reworked the logos yet. Working on this for fun, C&C welcome and appreciated!
  2. Just the use of the stars on the ball, not the Champions League logo itself.
  3. Really like the direction this is going. One little thing: the stars on the ball remind me of the Champions League ball used in European club competition. Although I like the use of stars in the logo maybe try incorporating them in a different way.
  4. Scripts are wonderful and the jerseys are great. Like the logos, think the alternate is spot on. I'd like to see the A from the script used maybe on an alternate cap. Other than that, amazing work!
  5. Really like it, how would it look with a really thin, light pinstripe? I don't know, just a thought. Not too crowded either, just something subtle that continues through the shorts.
  6. I like the new font, especially with the addition of the Milwaukee into the script. Great logo too
  7. Love it as is, great job! But if you really feel like you need to add something to the bottom half, I gave this a quick try.