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  1. Dilomski

    My concepts

    I like this cut style, it works to make the logo more complete in terms of overall shape.I have done plenty more (bird) logos like this and they look cool (imo). Offcourse, its not suitable for every logo or creature.
  2. Dilomski

    My concepts

    Hello all, I have been doing some concept the last couple of years, and among many, many others, these two were designed speciallywith thought for eventuall interest of the teams, but totally unofficially - in other words, just concepts with the idea that "I will show them the concept and if they like it...".Well, they didnt like it.Hate to be cocky, but my concepts are way better than the original logos.I really dont get it, how teams like to use such ugly logos and dont want to improve on the design side.Smh. Original logos to the left, my concepts to the right.
  3. With the baseball is way better.Even thicker lines will be better, but you have to play thick and thin.I mean makee the lines thinner at the end, like, um Toledo Mud Hens, look there the lines of the eye and so on, its a certain style you have to apply to make it work and look pro.You def. have a solid overall look and idea, but still need to "style" it.Keep it up
  4. Overall shape is worse than the original, has no flow.The only good thing is the eye, the rest is worse than the original.
  5. Dilomski

    Bittern logo

    Thank you, the white border was made in Photoshop, thats why it looks this way.
  6. Dilomski

    Bittern logo

    Thanks for the comments! I will probably add lettering to this as an alternative logo.I love to photograph birds, as a hobby, and naturally like some birds better than others, although all of them are nice in their own way:)
  7. Dilomski

    Bittern logo

    Hello there! Recently I got bored, and here is a fictional logo of one of my favorite birds - Great Bittern.
  8. This projects made me rethink some things and decided to make a personal logo with a seagull.Here it is.
  9. No problem, glad I could help this time.
  10. Ok GatorHunter, just have to make the GOW logo now, what had you in mind about it - that they want the "G" from Graffiti of the main logo and the "W" of War from the main logo too,or?
  11. I dont get this part, can you explain it little bit more, thanks!