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  1. I wonder how that would look with no blue lines separating the red and white stripes?
  2. That Roughriders jersey makes me think they should be in the NHL! Roughriders Football in Regina; Roughriders Hockey in Saskatoon - Saskatchewan's Team.
  3. Just remember that cricket teams also have to have long-sleeve jumpers and sleeveless jumpers in their team kits too; they are worn over the team shirt. It would be intriguing to see their "whites" sets also.
  4. Love the German home kit and the Mexico away, the USA sash kit as a set is a great concept
  5. Why? They are no longer Easts and have'nt been since 2000 i think. Purely to see how it would look
  6. I wonder if you could put "easts to win" on the red ribbon?
  7. It would be great to someone mod these into a video game for you. We could see all sorts of action shots from all directions.
  8. Ontario Blue Senators?
  9. I love the concepts behind the prefectural and municipal flags of Japan; though there's too many to list here.
  10. I actually reckon you should do all sorts of cities in North America, not just NFL ones.
  11. If you were interested in alliterative name, the Storm could be called the "Buffalo Bolts"