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  1. I wonder how that would look with no blue lines separating the red and white stripes?
  2. That Roughriders jersey makes me think they should be in the NHL! Roughriders Football in Regina; Roughriders Hockey in Saskatoon - Saskatchewan's Team.
  3. Just remember that cricket teams also have to have long-sleeve jumpers and sleeveless jumpers in their team kits too; they are worn over the team shirt. It would be intriguing to see their "whites" sets also.
  4. Love the German home kit and the Mexico away, the USA sash kit as a set is a great concept
  5. Why? They are no longer Easts and have'nt been since 2000 i think. Purely to see how it would look
  6. I wonder if you could put "easts to win" on the red ribbon?
  7. It would be great to someone mod these into a video game for you. We could see all sorts of action shots from all directions.
  8. Ontario Blue Senators?
  9. I love the concepts behind the prefectural and municipal flags of Japan; though there's too many to list here.
  10. I actually reckon you should do all sorts of cities in North America, not just NFL ones.
  11. If you were interested in alliterative name, the Storm could be called the "Buffalo Bolts"
  12. Very nice Dominican top, I still reckon you should show us a mock-up of the harlequin/quarters design for the Dominican Republic, I reckon it will work with their colours pretty well
  13. The South African away kit is classic. Having a vee on the home one though, maybe construed as a bit too Australian for their liking, seeing as the vee was featured on the old Socceroo design and Rugby League Kangaroos design. Do you remember any of the old Bafana-Bafana tops from the 90's? They used to have a fair bit of white in them, maybe that could be an option? Your Austria kit is an instant classic! I love the red trim being used throughout the kit. While your Israel kits look more like club jerseys, they are beautiful. Have you thought seriously about sending them to Sydney FC of the Australian A-League? Your German away kit is a beauty, I would love to see Leverkusen in something like that!
  14. While it would never happen in soccer, I would love it if you sent that hooped Brazil design to the offices of the Brazilian Rugby Union. They need a design like that to differentiate themselves from the soccer team and also established rugby nations like Romania and Australia, without also clashing with other established teams like Ireland and South Africa. Hoops are also are traditional rugby union design. Looks great.
  15. Wow, it's really has slipped down. I've seen some pictures of the 50's and 60's when it was huge.
  16. Would you consider any of the regions in France as having rugby league (le rugby à treize) as it's regional sport? I thought maybe Comtat Venaissin, having Avignon, Carpentras and Cavaillon within it, could be one? Or has the game dwindled down to a very small level in France now?
  17. Yes, I meant that one time Arsenal had a green away kit.
  18. I like the third kit, but with the blue it's reminding my too much of Arsenal's old away kit. Could it work with a very dark green in place of the blue, or black even?
  19. I was hoping you might go for Everton's black w/ red sash somewhere in there. Ah well...
  20. Ha ha haaa! The Aussie one needs a few exclamation marks at the end! I suppose a more PG rated version could be "You Bloody Beauty!"