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  1. This is slightly off-topic but here goes. I love soccer, but hate the inconsistency with Europe club teams and their kits and I blame it on American sports. If an NFL team has a stripe in a specific spot on their jersey, the opposite (away) jersey will typically have this stripe too and not add say...bold piping on a different spot of the jersey. But in soccer, the home has a different design than the away and alternate, as well as a new color scheme. Its annoying and something I need to get over.
  2. I love the name. It doesn't really roll off the tongue, but who cares. I have followed this closely and am really sad to see the Sioux mascot leave, since I love the logo and the kelly green and black. Great work.
  3. Definitely a logo in need of a rebrand. I agree with a previous statement. A thicker white outline on the logo might help it stand out more on the Home Jersey. Whole thing looks great though.
  4. The single red, green, and white feathers on the head dress was a great subtle touch. They are there to represent the colors, but don't beat you over the head with it, distracting from the rest of the logo.
  5. I'd love to see boston breakers next. I really liked the maulers logo. I keep wavering back and forth between the Pittsburgh part of the word mark being tacky and being great. Either way the whole thing is wonderful.
  6. These are great. I especially like the Bulls Logo and colors. I believe Madden is taking submissions from users to use their created teams in the game next year. You should really submit some designs because these are wonderful.