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  1. He already did one for Emmanuel Sanders, and he said he's going through every NFL team before he starts working on extra ones.Here are a few suggestion for the remaining teams Cincinnati - Jeremy Hill Baltimore - Torrey Smith Tennessee - Jake Locker (Based on an ESPN pole that says he's the face of the franchise) Miami - Cameron Wake Kansas City - Jamaal Charles Oakland - Derek Carr San Diego - Eric Weddle (In honor of his All-Pro selection) Minnesota - Teddy Bridgewater New Orleans - Mark Ingram Carolina - Johnathan Stewart Washington - RG3 San Francisco - Vernon Davis awesome, ill update the list. thanks and im going to open up the Browns player slot too. no offense to the guy that suggested Isiah Crowell, but . . .really? Joe Haden for the Browns
  2. Using strictly players: Celtics: Russell Bird Pierce Havlicek Patriots: Brady Big Vince Bruschi Troy Brown The Cetlics was easy for me, all four are in the in or near the top 50 players of all time (only Pierce is even debatable), and were definitive franchise legends that personify what it means to be a Celtic. The Patriots, for me, had to have guys picked from the super bowl runs since A: I was born in '98 and that's all I really got to see live and I grew up on that, and B: this period was the best and most successful in the team's history. So I tried to narrow it down to the four guys that really have become fan favorites, impact players, and define what it really means to be a patriot. Brady, Vince and Bruschi were slam dunk picks, but the fourth guy was difficult for me. Ty Law was in the discussion, so was Vrabel, and Vinatieri, and some other players, but when it came down to it Troy Brown is everything it means to be a patriot. He is the definitive patriot player (save for Brady/Vince/Bruschi who are legends in their own right) Troy Brown was everything Patriots fans love; a down to earth, hard-working overachiever who maximized his talents by giving max effort and finding new ways each week to help the team win. He also was a key contributor and a big reason for our success in the last 15 year or so.
  3. Could you update this one, and maybe give it the New Orleans Hornets colors (that green-blue, yellow, and purple) or keep the colors. Just want to see the New Orleans Jazz updated. I just read through the entire thread and you're amazingly talented. Keep up the good work and take your time. Good things come to those who wait (some people on this thread need to remember that). Thanks in advance an I am excited to see what you come up with.
  4. LAAAAAAAAAATE to this thread. Anyway, I agree the logos are done, but you should make uni's and a court, then this thread will be complete.
  5. Not loving the secondary logo either. My suggestion is to have it bearing its teeth in a clenched position rather than attempting a growl (as it looks more like a yawn as mentioned earlier). Also, make the eyes more menacing by angling them down more. Loving the design and I can't wait for the Uni's and Court. Looks a million times better than their mediocre current logo.
  6. Sorry to bump a semi-old thread, but.... Loving the Hornets concept, I think it works really well. I would say this though, the logo on the pants would likely be this one: since that is now their primary logo (or the primary logo without the wordmark anyway). Also, you should make an alternate uni based on this logo: A buzz city uniform would be pretty cool if you ask me. Just some ideas if your interested.
  7. I'm not sure if this is out of line or anything, as I just made an account here like 5 minutes ago for this specific purpose. I'm planning on running a dynasty on operation sports (sports gaming website if you have not heard of it) and it involves a rival league for the NBA and I positively love these logos. Is it okay if I use these on the dynasty (obviously I would give you full credit for them, and leave a link back to this thread and the old thread so they can see your work)? Again, I'm not exactly sure how the boards here are run or what's "ok" and "not ok", so its just a shot in the dark. I love your work and the logos are fantastic. To be honest, a lot of them are better than NBA teams. Your logos inspired the idea and I thought it would be appropriate if your logos were the ones used. Again, I'd give you full credit for them, but I can't provide monetary compensation since I'm only 15. Thanks in advance.