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  1. Great thread man Every concept is top notch and the stories are really realistic. Good job all around!
  2. Montréal is awesome. Double blue just works so well. Great job and LA next!
  3. If the Dutchmen don't win this year, i'm going to scream.
  4. While were at it, why not a big fat apple with a worm in it.
  5. Please make the Dutchmen upset the Bucs. Are the original four teams getting new uniforms? If they don't, it would be the fourth year in a row that they would have the same. GO DUTCHMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Yes, lacrosse!!! Giving that your treads are always amazing, well this will be something i'll follow Will you expand to Montréal? Good luck
  7. Detroit is good, the logo is accurate for the era Why the Dutchmen always lose? Just because of that, im rooting for them! GO DUTCHMEN!!!!
  8. Great thread, man. I would like to see after a couple of season you speading this up to 2014. Are you going to expand in Canada? Good job all around.
  9. I was hoping that you would use orange and black for Amsterdam. The logo us pretty sweet and re uniforms are classy. Great job And Montréal next!
  10. I don't think it's a requirement. Also very excited to see Montréal and Melbourne. Will the London team play in Wimbledon?
  11. Long time reader and i saw this topic so mode a account to tell you that this si a amazing idea! For the league logo, i think its perfect make no changes For Barcelona, awesome! One thing is that Toros En Barcelona means Toros in Barcelona. Was that what you meant? I will follow this closely nas!