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  1. I would say, although it ruins the fun of the flamingo idea, black or grey would have to be your primary team colors, then pink and yellow. A pink jersey looks like a breast cancer awareness promotion, not an actual uniform.
  2. Interesting to go with different field colors. Wouldn't fly in the NFL, but great for creative designs. What apps did you use?
  3. That's incorrect. There has to be a basketball in at least one mark of a team's logo package, but not necessarily in the primary or even wordmark logos. Just check Atlanta's relatively new roundel logo: No basketball.Oh, that makes more sense now. But you still need the name in the primary, no?
  4. These are incredible! You're going somewhere. I don't want to be nitpick-y, but the NBA has that silly rule with primary logos are required to have a basketball somewhere, as well as the wordmark.. Most of them you fit basketballs in well, but I just wanted to point those rules out, as some of your logos would have to be revised. Ever thought about creating your own studio?
  5. These are awesome! Can I have a Hawai'i Rainbow Warriors and a Navy Midshipmen please? Thanks!
  6. The name for swordfish in Hawaiian is actually "a'u ku". "Shutome" is from the Asian immigrants who fished in Hawaii. (Just wanted to mention that as I'm living in Hawaii)
  7. This is super cool! I was afraid you might not have him in a cutoff hoodie but you did! I love it!
  8. Have patience. I'm sure he'll get it done... Just don't rush him.Thanks. And each one varies with how long it takes. It can take hours or a whole day to finish one, depending on how much detail I add in. And right now, my days are being spent shovelling snow. But I'll get working on them again ASAP. Yeah, please do! I've had wayyyy too many experiences of patiently waiting for months and never getting my requests. I also totally understand that fulfilling wishes from random strangers online and working for them does take a lot of time, especially if you have any sort of social life.
  9. Could you post your list of requests?
  10. Nuggets is solid, but celtics alt is iffy. I would just take it out completely. It's a bit forced
  11. I like the OBJ and Megatron "splash" ones. Big Papi, Gronk, and maybe Isaiah at Thomas (Celtics) for requests. These are incredibly creative! Good work!
  12. Awesome! Love the Undertale sig too
  13. I think they look best with the sublimated team logo and a bright wallpaper background, for CC. For requests, could u do a Bill Bleichick one? I think he would be s great non-athlete that fits the bill. P.S. Best thread I've seen in a long LONG time on this website.