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  1. They should've went with the old flying jet above the word "Jets" rather than the football underneath.
  2. See my post directly above this one.
  3. Is there a roundup of actual upcoming 2021 NFL uniform changes? Not all of us obsess over and show up on this website every single day to follow where these threads go. It's also impossible to sift through all of the off-topic banter and infighting to find actual to the point discussion/information about the topic at hand. Do mods even exist here? It's probably a good idea for the first post to be updated periodically
  4. Really hoping they go with Spiders. Nod the past with a ton of modern uniform and logo potential.
  5. Holy crap the Buccaneers "pewter" (I should call them faded brown because that's what they look like) jerseys are putrid. I've always hated the Buccaneer's 1990's pewter. It's always looked brown to me. Well this version, let me tell you, this version is horrid. It looks more brown than the 1990's version.
  6. The brown facemasks look about as bad as I expected them to look in live game action. The brown facemasks seriously detract from the whole retro/classic look the Browns are trying to achieve. They make the helmets look dull and boring in the same way that black for black's sake facemasks do. IMO white or gray make the entire helmet pop more.
  7. Agreed. Losing the North Stars brand is a tragedy akin to Houston losing the Oilers brand (and the best uniforms in NFL history) for a boring, nondescript "Titans" brand name.
  8. I don't hate the Rams uniforms. I love the shade of blue they chose. But, I'm looking forward to them changing uniforms again in 5 years. Hopefully the horn resembles the old school yellow one.
  9. Really hoping the Washington NFL Team goes with Redwolves as their name. They're native to the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. The uniform possibilities have alot of potential. And could you imagine an entire crowd howling like wolves? That would be amazing.
  10. Love the name. Love the uniform. Kudos to the new Seattle NHL franchise.
  11. I respect your opinions here but, I still disagree. I still don't see a problem with them and as a matter of fact I like them. IMO They look good and they give off a sense of tradition and affection for the past that I really like. I have worn New Era Caps nearly every single day for 30+ years. Personally, I like the look of pinstriped caps on my cabeza.
  12. I don't see a problem with white hats with pinstripes. It's a traditional look that was worn during the early days of MLB.
  13. One step closer to the four major American professional sports leagues being outfitted like NASCAR drivers and MLS players. Is nothing sacred? When and where does the greed end? These leagues are making money hand over fist. And now they need uniform advertisements too? The greed will just keep perpetuating until like I said above, MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL players are dressed like they belong in NASCAR or MLS. If any league should be sacred here, it should be MLB. The oldest and most tradition-based sport in the USA is selling it's soul even further.
  14. "In a vacuum" is easily the most overused phrase on these sportslogos.net boards and I'm starting to believe in society in general.
  15. Because that would be boring as all hell? I know alot of folks here have a big problem with the number font. But I think the font is unique and beautiful in the same ways as the Steelers and Bears are. Just remove the gradient.
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