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  1. I used MS Paint and converted the logo into Vector Magic for the Wyo-Plains Baseball League. It's a simple logo but I am starting to improve the quality of the logo. The green and brown represent the Divisions in the League. North being brown and Green being the South
  2. Ok what would be a good team name for Brandon? Any ideas?
  3. What about a team in Brandon, Manitoba? That is in South Manitoba
  4. I will fix the jersey and logo of the Saint Paul Chill. Here are the teams that I came up with for the Wyo-Plains Baseball League Wyoming -Park County Mud Pots -Cheyenne Chiefs -Rock Springs Oilers North Dakota -Garrison Wind Mills -Fargo Blue J’s South Dakota -Sioux Falls Walleyes Minnesota -Minnetonka Northerns -Saint Paul Chill Nebraska -Lincoln Pennies -Bellevue Trappers Canada (Manitoba) -Churchill Polar Bears -Dauphin Avalanche
  5. This is another attempt to make a new sports league. I created this League because there are no Minor League Baseball teams in Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, or in Manitoba, Canada. Here is the League logo. Well there are the Omaha Storm Chasers in Nebraska. But there is only one Minor League team.
  6. Thanks for a better logo than the one I found.
  7. From 1999-2002 Potomac was affiliated with the St. Louis Cardinals and from 2003-2004 they were affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds
  8. From 1999-2004 the Potomac Nationals were known as the Potomac Cannons in the Carolina League. Why on the Carolina League page in Logos of the Past is there no Potomac Cannons? Also this logo of Potomac was on the game MVP Baseball 2005. This was the primary logo.
  9. How is this new logo is came up with in paint. It is Michigan State green and "gold". I did not use the same Michigan State logo for this. I used a different template.
  10. Memphis should go back to their old Vancouver logo But keep the same colors that they have
  11. Would anyone like to see my other ideas? Logo credit goes to wherever they come from. They are just ideas that I think the universities or colleges should come up with.
  12. Sorry I just like to make new helmet colors. I keep the logo as the same. My work is just the helmet and facemask color.
  13. Sorry for the mistake in grammar. I keep the original logo the way it is because I only have Paint which Pixelates the logos. I have a bad time coming up with logos on Paint. I only make new helmets by changing the colors and keep the logo they already have. I have the wrong program and need help trying to find which program to use. Any help write back on here. Sorry for the inconvenience again.