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  1. Death, taxes, and Cavs-Warriors in the NBA Finals.

  2. @TaylorKarrh I have two. 1. Unassisted double play at church camp softball. 2. UAB intramural flag football. Pass w… https://t.co/3bgz26y3wV

  3. @TaylorKarrh @zanderlew @gordon794 @JonMParnell When I have Mexican food that's better than what I can get in Birmingham I'll let you know.

  4. RT @adameargle: The graphic designer at the local public school district makes 62k (over 50k is public info). College Athletic Departments…

  5. @openartz @Matt_Sisneros I've been @WESPN since I first made a Twitter back when Twitter was meant to be fun. WESPN… https://t.co/WDkrd77kgX

  6. @toriviccc You're crazy, Torchy's is life!

  7. @darrenrovell @TaylorKarrh

  8. @NFL I really wouldn't want my QB running for that many yards.

  9. @evanford_8 @ut_creative @vjchil @theeradams I'm a fan. Like a better Kansas State.

  10. First Coutee, now Cantrell to the Chargers. #wreckem

  11. This relentless rainbow wheel on my unsaved project is a microcosm of my entire day.

  12. @joesummers @TheHooksta always does great work. He's one of the best in the business!

  13. RT @MLB: On April 17, 2015, Kris Bryant made his @Cubs debut. On April 17, 2018, we giving one of you this gorgeous card. RT for yo…

  14. @marissamcclain @TJGodden @RedSox @Jerry_Remy @RedSox_Stuff @REDSOXNATI0N @Soxlunch @HanleyRamirez @ToddRadom… https://t.co/a6zhiUxq2k

  15. @JonMParnell @TaylorKarrh @gordon794 Well it’s probably for the best.

  16. @joesummers @TaylorKarrh Threw this together. https://t.co/sghHPUEGcU

  17. @UNISWAG @Titans That's a hot mess.

  18. @makaben9 @_Pantzke @OBJ_3 @AaronRodgers12 @gmfb @packers @acmepackingco @ThePackersWire @ParkerMoes https://t.co/9KYstaYWSi

  19. @kweags @TreyBurton8 @NFoles_9 @Eagles @ShaneLSharp

  20. Amazing season from @TexasTechMBB Far beyond the expectations of many. Proud of our guys and of @TaylorKarrh for pu… https://t.co/53MMVgYRh2

  21. RT @TadCarpenter: When you see your work IRL: https://t.co/B8z4EBjGnJ

  22. @JasonRMatheson @ArmyWP_Football @ASUWrestling @psuviksFB @TexasTechMBB Thanks for the shoutout!

  23. RT @NFL: .@JordyRNelson's BEST PLAYS of his career (so far)! He'll play for the _____ in 2018. https://t.co/2LJ7On5UxW

  24. This is one of the filthiest things I’ve ever seen LeBron do. @zanderlew @TaylorKarrh https://t.co/TMAa4lpNAH

  25. @ccloud14 Same with Matt Jones and Eric Crouch. Both white guys. Both asked to change positions. Jones did and was… https://t.co/ywesYjsdym

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