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  1. Happy Birthday @abbyann_22! How on earth are you 17 years old?! #timeflies

  2. The read option with Jeff Tuehl? Sure, why not? #preseason

  3. RT @CycloneATH: RT @CycloneVB: The 2014 Iowa State Volleyball poster is here! Pick up yours at the Jacobson Building today. #Cyclones http:…

  4. So this is how @joesummers is dressed today. How should I shame him? #hipsterdoofus http://t.co/uAL7MiuyZq

  5. This House Hunters house has carpet in the KITCHEN! #what?

  6. I just downloaded #Airbag-free-font by #itsmesimon. Go get it yourself at http://t.co/D5AtKyxXcg

  7. True happiness, however brief, can be found in Chipotle.

  8. There are few places I'd rather be. #bravos http://t.co/7FQikEg24x

  9. Smoking in public is just flat out rude and inconsiderate. #coughcough

  10. Not sure how I feel about these new #SportsCenter graphics. Not really digging the bottom line. Too plain.

  11. Adam Silver looks like an alien.

  12. Oh #JackBauer, never leave us again! 24 is on their game tonight. Can't remember an episode this good since the early seasons.

  13. That looks pretty dirty to me. #NBAFinals #Chalmers

  14. Kings won? I was watching but I'd have never known it went in had in not been for the obnoxious horn.

  15. RT @GottliebShow: Surprised Bosh didn’t have 40, reptiles do well in the heat

  16. The temperature tomorrow isn't supposed to get above 0? Gross.

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