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  1. @joesummers I don’t think we’re too far away from that.

  2. RT @TexasTechMBB: Check out the shooting shirts the Red Raiders are wearing tonight! If you still don’t have your tickets for Saturday’s t…

  3. RT @joesummers: Social media will be the death of us all.

  4. @gordon794 @TaylorKarrh @zanderlew https://t.co/3wUAFHSEX9

  5. RT @PosterSwag: Incredible @TechAthletics @TexasTechMBB @LadyRaiderWBB posters from @WESPN! https://t.co/OziC6xxqQg

  6. @_janetsnakehole Not yet!! If we get @AaronRodgers12 back and sneak in as the WC, look out

  7. RT @KevinScarbinsky: UAB 28, UTEP 7. Blazers finish the regular season 8-4. Amazing. Simply amazing.

  8. @torchystacos @JonMParnell Chicken fajita taco, half order of queso and a sweet tea. #cantgowrong

  9. Hard to believe it’s already the last home game of the year. Trying to pull off an upset over… https://t.co/Q8PL6s7EGF

  10. RT @TechAthletics: Students, we need you at Saturday's @TexasTechFB game. Just show up, and you could drive away in a new car! #WreckEm htt…

  11. I hate research. Even when it's about football uniforms.

  12. @zanderlew @fullcourtprez @TaylorKarrh Yikes

  13. If I can drink my entire sweet tea while waiting on my bfast taqueria from @Whataburger it’s taking too long. #gonnabelate

  14. @FalconsCreative @WidenCollective No worries! Do you happen to know about how much it cost and how many you sent them?

  15. @openartz I feel your pain. https://t.co/3tWah8SeRM

  16. @openartz I’ve got a giant roll of UAB and ISU posters in a closet at home. It’s pretty heavy haha. Tech posters are in a drawer at work.

  17. @bdostrem *moves Hundley to bench*....*moves Josh McCown to starting QB* Done. Let's see if it works.

  18. RT @tiff_CMYK: When you try to recreate a cool design, but fail. https://t.co/vHXTMwUj64

  19. Let me get this straight. Today we've lost... @AaronRodgers12 Bakhtiari Bulaga Rollins Martinez Montgomery

  20. @joesummers https://t.co/YDvgyouYs8

  21. @joesummers @hmdrust You’re not wrong

  22. RT @PosterSwag: Check out the fantastic new @UAB_Athletics @UAB_MBB schedule poster! https://t.co/qUB3II8zBF

  23. Well, Justin Houston just cost a lot of people a lot of money.

  24. It's always weird when we play on Thursday, Monday, or have a bye. https://t.co/6uuxRQ9Owa

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