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  1. There will come a day when I tune in for a MNF National Anthem and Jordin Sparks won't be singing it. Today is not that day.

  2. This is absolutely amazing artwork. https://t.co/MM4qYFSdEp

  3. RT @TexasTechFB: Nic Shimonek, the nation's leading passer and the @CampbellAward Player of the Week! ?➡: https://t.co/SIrthSpuJw #WreckEm…

  4. @SamWarren17 As of the end of the half he 8 TD and 8 incompletions on the season... ?

  5. Design friends, what percentage of external clients do you think actually know what different file types are for?

  6. @joesummers @PosterSwag @darrenrovell @PhilHecken @UniWatch @OfficialCSO @UofCFB @sportslogosnet @OhioStAthletics… https://t.co/mYF7fgDYdz

  7. Richard Sherman might be my least favorite player in the NFL, maybe ever. #idiot

  8. @sandraoaddo https://t.co/rRW6KOeiNe

  9. @vansciverju I thought Simmons was out for the year?

  10. Who in their right mind would ever cheat on @KristineLeahy? @TheHerd

  11. Well my prediction of a Bama shutout didn't last long.

  12. @ColinCowherd Rodgers > Stafford in EVERY meaningful means of evaluation. I enjoy your show but you are WAYYYY off on this. Sick of the hate

  13. We live to fight another day!

  14. @ColinCowherd Cut the LA bias. You can't dismiss USC's lackluster start.

  15. Same. Minus the pups. https://t.co/U3tjKvxFVd

  16. Current state: https://t.co/d6kpQ3zPWA

  17. @TaylorKarrh @zanderlew @ShaneLSharp Why is MBB played at Sprint Center? #rhetoricalquestion

  18. @JonMParnell @NatGeo @elonmusk Shoot, I forgot to DVR it.

  19. @ShaneLSharp That's some of the biggest waste of technology I've ever seen. Why are we getting too lazy to tie our shoes?

  20. Did Lee Corso just spike a fish? #CollegeGameDay

  21. I can't help but wonder if Republicans would have protested if Clinton had won. My guess is no...

  22. RT @LifeAsRednecks: Whether you love Trump, or hate him, this is awesome. https://t.co/cvWULAXsNc

  23. @RhettyA ahhhhh that makes sense

  24. If my memory serves me correctly, teams from Oklahoma don't fare well in Jack Trice Stadium on Thursday nights. #CyclONEnation

  25. Wasn't his night, but at least he got a sweet graphic. https://t.co/2mrPbzaLTG

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