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  1. Gotta swing at that, Lindor.

  2. Wahoo! #WorldSeries

  3. My PS4's software update is telling me it has 99+ hours left. Guess I won't be playing @EAMaddenNFL tonight after all.

  4. @PosterSwag @UWBadgers @BadgerMBB Was this hand drawn?

  5. Texas Tech and OU combined for 1,708 total yards. Remarkably, 854 apiece. If you like defense, this was not the game for you.


  7. @sideburns81 @TaylorKarrh It'll be obvious tomorrow.

  8. @GeorgesNiang20 I enjoy their misery too much.

  9. These might be the best uniforms I've seen all year. https://t.co/u93jDMOeGF

  10. Blaine Gabbert just cannot throw.

  11. @TaylorKarrh @JonMParnell @EricWard_7 @arowdon https://t.co/VzoVFWJmiH

  12. We have a Frank Zombo sighting. #GoPackGo

  13. @AM_XII24 @mattjlange The Cincinnati Siberian Tigers

  14. Just found out there's a Dollar General Bowl. And it's in Mobile. I have a new favorite bowl game.

  15. @MJoekel @nbcsnl @hulu I'm a @netflix guy.

  16. And everyone who gambled on this game breathes a giant sigh of relief.

  17. Shouldn't dressing up like a duck on the football field be reserved for Halloween weekend? https://t.co/ehkVhGQrIu

  18. @vansciverju I was literally about to tweet you to say "That was a man run."

  19. Congrats Vikings. Gritty win. Gritty game.

  20. @UniWatch If they're gonna do it I'd at least prefer they do it right.

  21. @_t_middleton @AuburnTigers Definitely the Aubie head.

  22. @Olivia_Harlan *raises hand* You are definitely not alone in that.

  23. That's a throw that only Aaron Rodgers can make!

  24. @RussilloKanell @ryenarussillo @dannykanell Close the show with advice every day! #greatsegments

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