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  1. 100% better than the current logo, and a great update to the Sack Exchange uniforms! I'd still keep the jet stream connecting the J to the jet tail though. I always loved that!
  2. Nice! You should do a mock up combo of the gold Chiefs' end zone with the pewter Bucs end zone.
  3. Not the worst as of recently, but I also am not a fan of the inconsistency. They need to either do logos or helmets, but not a logo in one and a helmet in the other.
  4. You should do a mock up of the SB XLII to XLVII style field. And also the SB XL field.
  5. The Broncos SB XLVIII end zone was a tragedy. I really think their end zone for this one should be as follows: Orange, with blue-outlined white lettering, and blue outline around the bronco head (so the orange mane doesn't get lost). The Broncos primary color is orange now, not blue.
  6. As seems to happen too often with Rex Ryan's Jets, overconfident as defending Super Bowl champions and looking to establish a dynasty, Rex spends more time talking about the Super Bowl as though it's already won and doesn't prepare the team for Sunday. The Bears take an early 6-0 lead, scoring a field goal on the first possession of the game, then another off a Mark Sanchez interception on the Jets' first possession. In the second quarter, Antonio Cromartie picks off a Jay Cutler pass deep in Bears territory and is brought down at the 15. After 3 runs and 1 pass, Tomlinson punches the ball in from a yard out to put the Jets up 7-6. However, for the rest of the half, the Jets manage only 2 first downs and are hamstrung by costly false start and holding penalties. The commentators point out that the Jets barely look like a playoff team, much less a Super Bowl team. At half time, the Jets are leading 6-7. Rex seems upbeat though and comments to the sideline reporter that if they just keep doing what they're doing and win 6-7, he's fine with that. In the 2nd half, the Jets begin a promising looking drive about five minutes into the 3rd quarter. However, Shonn Green fumbles at the Bears 48. Jay Cutler drives the Bears down the field, where he caps off the drive with a screen pass to Matt Forte, who takes it 15 yards for the touchdown. On the next drive, the Jets go three and out and punt. The normally reliable Steve Wetherford is nearly blocked and, in his haste, punts directly to Devin Hester who does what he does best: Take it to the house. Another Jet 3 and out leads to another Bears field goal. At the start of the fourth quarter, the Jets finally get a somewhat successful drive going; however, it stalls on the Bears 35; Jay Feely kicks a long field goal to put the score at 23-10. Both defenses hold steady leading to traded punts till five minutes left in the game; the Jets block a punt at the 15 yard line; however they go three and out and kick a field goal to bring the score to 23-13. The Bears are forced into a 3 and out on the next drive. After the Bears punt, the Jets manage to finally come alive for a short time, and are able to drive 65 yards and cap off with a 10 yard Sanchez to Holmes TD pass. Cutler, however, takes the wind out of the Jets' sails and leads a successful drive of his own, ending with a 25 yard TD pass to Johnny Knox. The Jets, deflated, are unable to do much else. The last three minutes of the game goe by uneventfully as the Jets turn it over on downs and the Bears run out the clock for a 30-20 win.
  7. Again, the battle is between a great Vikings offense and a strong Jets defense. Sanchez leads an opening drive that leads to a 25 yard field goal. The stall in the red zone looks worrisome for the Jets offense, which has been up and down all season long. However, on the next drive, the defense successfully pressures Brett Favre into his old bad habit, throwing an interception under pressure to Darrelle Revis. Shonn Green and Thomas Jones lead a run heavy drive that is capped with a ten yard Thomas Jones TD run. The Vikings' next drive stalls again, but when the Jets take over, Jared Allen strips Mark Sanchez on a sack and the Vikings recover the fumble in Jets territory. Two plays later, Adrien Peterson takes the ball 25 yards for a TD. In the second quarter, Favre leads a drive that is capped off with another Peterson TD, this time from 2 yards out, giving the Vikings a 14-10 lead, where it remains going into the half. Seven minutes into the 3rd quarter, the Jets start a drive from the ten yard line. Sanchez looks like a veteran as he calmly lead a march down the field with a series of short passes assisted by a seemly unstopable running game. On the 8th play of the drive, Sanchez throws a beautiful 35 yard pass to Dustin Keller, who catches it at the goal line and takes it in, giving the Jets the edge, 17-14. Favre is harrassed and Sydney Rice is shut down on Revis Island for the rest of the quarter, though the Jets are not able to generate much offense either. In the 4th quarter, a Jets punt pins the Vikings at their own 2. The Jets blitz David Harris, who breaks through the Vikings line and sacks Favre in the end zone for a safety. The Jets' ensuing drive goes nowhere and they are forced to punt the ball back. Favre and Peterson lead a balanced air and ground attack to the 40, when Rice finally breaks free from Revis for one play to bring in a pass that he then carries down to the Jets' ten yard line. But once again, the Jets defense digs in and holds the Vikings to a field goal, making the score 19-17. On the next drive, the Jets manage to get the ball to the 27 yard line before the drive stalls. However, Jay Feely is able to successfully kick a 44 yard field goal. With about two minutes left and the Jets up 22-17, Favre begins to drive, using all his targets, and making the Jets defense look helpless. Rex calls timeout and the defense regroups with a minute left on the clock and the Vikings on the Jets 40 yard line. The first play after the timeout is an incomplete pass; on the second play, Rex calls a surprise blitz which stuns Favre, who then rolls out to his right. Under pressure, he forces a throw to Sydney Rice. Anticipating the throw, Darrelle Revis jumps in front of the pass, grabs the interception and, before the Vikings can react, Revis is off to the races with nobody near him as he takes the ball 70 yards for the TD. The Vikings desperately try to put together another drive but are out of timeouts. The final play is a 25 yard pass to Bernard Barrian who cannot get the ball out of bounds and is tackled at the Jets 20 yard line. Favre rushes to the line to spike the ball but does not get there in time. The clock runs out and the Jets, led by a rookie coach and rookie QB, pull out a 29-17 victory.
  8. Brett Favre shows that he still has gas left in his tank as he plays his last game in a Packers uniform. The Packers jump out to an early 14-0 lead in the 1st quarter, courtesy of a 10 yard Favre to Greg Jennings pass and a 2 yard run by Ryan Grant. The Chargers pull to within 1 by the middle of the 2nd quarter, thanks to two field goals and a 5 yard Phillip Rivers to Darren Sproles pass that Sproles then takes 60 yards for a touchdown. Nate Kaeding later hits a 51 yard field goal to close out the half with the Chargers leading 16-14. On the 3rd play of the 2nd half, Charles Woodson picks off a pass to Vincent Jackson and returns it to the 15 yard line. Three plays later, Favre completes a 7 yard TD pass, again to Jennings. The next few drives for both teams stall. Near the end of the 3rd quarter, the Packers score a 25 yard field goal to put them up 24-16. The 4th quarter remains scoreless until 3 minutes left to play, when Phillip Rivers takes the Chargers on an 8 play, 89 yard drive that takes a minute and 10 seconds, capped with a 5 yard pass to Antonio Gates. They attempt a 2 point conversion to tie the game, but the pass, another to Gates, is batted away. The Chargers attempt an onside kick, but the kick is recovered by the Packers. Two runs by Ryan Grant use up the Chargers' remaining 2 timeouts and give the Packers the first down. Favre then takes two knees to run out the clock, giving the Packers a 24-22 win.
  9. That was my initial thought, I made another field with a black endzone though which is better. I like this field a LOT better. I wish that they had gone with a black end zone for SB XLIV. In the AFC Championship, the Patriots take a 21-6 lead at halftime. In the 3rd quarter, the Colts tie it up at 21 and it looks like Tom Brady is about to head to yet another playoff collapse. Determined not to let that happen again, he marches the Patriots down the field and tosses a TD pass to Jabar Gaffney. Later, the Patriots recover a Colts fumble at their goal line and drive down the field to add another TD. The Patriots defense digs in and the Colts are unable to score for the rest of the game. New England wins its first AFC Championship 35-21. In the NFC, the Bears take an early 16-0 lead over the Saints. However, Drew Brees then wakes up his offense and brings the game to 14-16 with a rushing TD by Reggie Bush and a pass to Marques Colston. In the 3rd quarter, the Saints pull away as Brees tosses another TD to Colston and one to Henderson. Bush adds another TD as well and John Carney kicks two field goals. The Bears are able to keep pace with the scoring, with Thomas Jones adding another TD, and Rex Grossman throwing a long TD pass to Bernard Berrian. Unfortunately for Bears fans, it's not enough and the Saints head to their first Super Bowl with a 41-30 win. The Saints, with their explosive offense, makes many analysts give them a good edge to win the Super Bowl. However, the Patriots' superior defense holds Drew Brees in check for most of the first half, and the Saints can't seem to get into a rhythm. By the halftime, Brees has thrown two interceptions, one a pick 6. The Saints are only able to manage 3 field goals. Brady throws a TD pass to Ben Watson as well and at the break, the Patriots are up 17-9. In the 3rd quarter, Brees is finally able to get a drive to work, and leads an 8 play, 74 yard drive capped off with a 25 yard TD pass to Colston. The Saints then go for 2 and Reggie Bush ties the game 17-17. Late in the 3rd Brady leads a long drive down the field and Corey Dillon scores on a 5 yard run. Neither team is able to score or even move for much of the 4th quarter as both defenses dig in. Then, with about a minute and a half to play, Brees throws a game tying, 65 yard strike to Devery Henderson. It seems as though the Super Bowl is about to head to overtime for the first time in history but with 1:15 left Brady begins a drive that leads the Patriots down the field to the Saints 30 yard line. With five seconds left to play, Stephen Gostkowski kicks a 47 yard field goal to give the Patriots their first Super Bowl championship with a 27-24 win.
  10. Champ Bailey locks down Steve Smith all game long, but the Panthers running game keeps control of the ball throughout most of the game. The Panthers' pass rush, led by Julius Peppers, pressures Jake Plummer. However, he is able to overcome this with quick passes that negate constant rush. The game is a back and forth defensive struggle with multiple lead changes, but in the end, the Broncos come out on top 23-17.
  11. While Pittsburgh had a good defense, I don't think they match up all too good against an extremely mobile QB. Atlanta sneaks out a win; but it's a dogfight. Maybe a 35-31, or 40-35 score. I tend to doubt that #16 offense could stand against the Steelers' #1 ranked defense. Vick's mobility never helped any team he played for gain any dominance. Atlanta was probably one of the weakest #2 seeds in league history due largely to an unusually weak era for the entire NFC. I'm thinking in this game, Vick's mobility allows him to avoid quite a few sacks. However the Steelers' pass rush still hurries him all game long. This forces Vick into multiple bad throws into Pittsburgh's secondary, which has locked down the Falcons mediocre receiving corps. All this results in 3 interceptions, one of which is returned for a touchdown by Troy Polomalu. On the offensive side of the ball, the Falcons are unable to stop Pittsburgh's rushing tandem of Bettis, Staley, and Parker, who combine for over 200 yards and 2 touchdowns (one being a 2 yard run by Bettis and one a 75 yard run by Parker). Big Ben adds a touchdown pass of his own to Hines Ward. Though the score doesn't completely tell the story, the Steelers dominate this game and take home their 3rd ring, 34-27
  12. Edit: Changing my storyline. The Colts jump out to an early lead with Payton Manning throwing a 65 yard strike to Marvin Harrison on only the third play. The Eagles are able to storm back, however, as McNabb leads them on a 6 play, 70 yard drive capped off with a 2 yard TD run by Duce Staley. The Eagles excellent secondary is able to hold Manning in check for most of the first half, and McNabb and Akers add a touchdown pass and field goal respectively, to give the Eagles a 17-7 lead at half time. The Eagles and Colts trade punts to start the 2nd half. On their second possession, McNabb takes advantage of a bad punt to lead a 55 yard, 5 play scoring drive, putting the Eagles up 24-7. On the next possession, Manning gets in a groove and leads a 77 yard drive with 0 incompletions, capping off with a 20 yard TD pass to Reggie Wayne. Duce Staley fumbles on the second play of the next drive, and the Colts recover on the 25 yard line. Three plays later, Manning throws his 3rd TD pass, this time to Dallas Clark, cutting the lead to 24-21. The Eagles are held scoreless until the end of the 3rd quarter, when Akers hits a 38 yard field goal, increasing the lead to 27-21. The Colts first drive in the 4th quarter looks promising, but stalls on the 38 yard line. However, Mike Vanderjagt kicks a perfect, Super Bowl record setting 55 yard field goal bringing the score to 27-24. The teams trade punts, and the Eagles secondary resumes shutting down Manning for most the 4th quarter, and the Colts' defensive line holds McNabb in check. Then, late in the game, Manning leads an 85 yard drive down the field, capping off with a 35 yard TD pass to Marvin Harrison with just over a minute remaining to take the lead. The Eagles drive furiously, making it to the Colts' 25 yard line before the Colts stop them and force a turnover on downs. Manning kneels out the final seconds. Final Score: Eagles 27 Colts 31.
  13. I like the Super Bowl scenario, but here's my AFC Championship take: Late in the divisional round game between the Raiders and the Patriots, referee Walt Coleman concludes that he does not find enough irrefutable evidence to overturn the initial call of a fumble by Tom Brady. The Raiders recover and are able to run out the clock and win the game 13-10. There is much controversy over whether or not the play should have been ruled as an incomplete pass rather than a fumble due to a little known rule known as the "tuck rule." Nonetheless, the Raiders advance to the AFC Championship for the second straight year. In the Championship game, the Raiders' mediocre defense is unable to stop Jerome Bettis and Amos Zereroue who combine for over 175 yards and 2 TDs, along with an excellent 3 TD, 250 yard performace by Kordell Stewart, with 2 TDs to rookie Plaxico Burrass and 1 to Hines Ward. On the other side of the ball, the potant Raiders offense is able to deliver a respectable performance, but Rich Gannon is harrassed all game long by the Steelers front seven, who succeed in sacking him 5 times. The Steelers cruise to the Super Bowl with a 38-24 win.
  14. Yes, but in the real world; what many considered the best team to not win the Championship (the '99 Vikings) steamroll Gang Green as Randy Moss and Cris Carter make mincemeat of the Jets secondary. (This is the alternate equivalent of Super Bowl XXIV when San Fran beat Denver 55-10.) If I can offer an alternative. The Vikings, conditioned to rolling over most of the teams they played, enter into SBXXXIII with expectations of doing the same to the Jets, with analysts ready crown them possibly the greatest team of all time. However, Aaron Glenn is able to contain Randy Moss for much of the game while the Jets' defensive line is able to pressure Randall Cunningham, forcing bad throws and multiple sacks. While not used to playing such a slugfest of a game, the Vikings nonetheless manage to keep a slight lead, 27-24, late in the 4th quarter. Then, starting from their own 25, Vinny Testaverde marches the Jets down the field in just under a minute, capping the drive off with a go ahead 10 yard TD pass to Wayne Chrebet. With a little under a minute left, Cunningham marches the Vikings offense down the field to the 20 yard line with three seconds and no timeouts left. For the last play, he attempts a pass to Cris Carter, who catches it but is stopped at the 2 yard line by Mo Lewis, giving the Jets a 31-27 win.
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