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  1. Thanks so much. I didn't think to look there, but was just using google and list of news articles on this site and hadn't found it yet.
  2. Does anyone know if adidas is going to make those crazy "made in march uniforms again this year? Thanks!
  3. Not an innaccuracy, but in NCAA March Madness 08 if you do throwback uniforms, sometimes they come up as short shorts barely making it to the thigh.
  4. I really like the alternate burnt orange helmet, but I am not feeling the alternate burnt orange jersey because of the yoke/shoulder design thing. I think that the alternate should just the burnt orange helmet with the regular jersey(s). I also dislike any football pants with no stripes or anything on them, so I think that you should make the alternate pants the full time pants. I also really like the new font on the front of the jersey more than their old circus font; this one just reminds me of Texas for some reason. I think that you could make a really cool road alternate for them by using the burnt orange helmet, the regular white road jersey, and making a burnt orange version of the alt pants. I am glad that you strayed away from the black scheme for the Longhorns. Good Work!
  5. On the uniforms you really lose the tusk on the mint hat and jersey; you should either change the shade of green depending on the background is the only thing I can think of to fix it. Other than that I like the unis, but I think that the logo needs to be more 3D-ish.
  6. No, no Mets. He's aiming for the 50's, which was right before the Dodgers and Giants bolted for California. The Mets were founded in '61 (correct if I am wrong here) to replace them (hence the blue from Brooklyn and the orange from the Giants, and the Mets using the same NY logo that the Giants did). Really love the Braves road uni, but not feeling the inclusion of the A on the Red Sox road set. The way that the sock is positioned on Boston's primary reminded me of the Cards Bird-On-Bat logo which led to think that it would be cool to try to form the shape of the part of the sock that would cover the leg into a bat somehow.
  7. The Dophins look really sharp. I love the helmet stripe and the aqua facemask. The road set is just gorgeous. However I don't like navy blue for Miami; if anything I would rather see their previous teal act the way the navy currently does. I'll second seeing the Chiefs fairly quickly.
  8. Love the home jerseys for Kalamazoo. Is the legend you are talking about Jeter? I really like the script for the Legends too. Good Job.
  9. Nice to see this into a series. Expos look good, but could improve if you used their classic pinwheel caps in my opinion. Also the fluer-de-lis looks kinda awkward and random just hanging over the road wordmark. Really love the powder and red sets. PROBLEM SOLVED! With two Canada teams they can play each other in a 4-game series at the 4th of July and a regular/short series on Memorial Day so that every year we wouldn't have to hear/talk about the Blue Jays not wearing the special uniforms, but a special patch, is it weird, stupid, crazy, sweet? Nobody Ever Knows! Good Riddance! (conversation, not teams, don't want to offend someone)
  10. Revert the caps back to the primary (preferably as I stated earlier, switching the crown and bill colors). Then make the black jersey's sleeves black also and you have an exceptional set here. He didn't make the logo, that's their real logo. Also is that their stadium in real life or is it a new one that you came up with?
  11. Tampa Bay looks really good. Great fusion of eras. I really like the elimination of silver; I also like the shade of pewter that you chose over what they currently wear. Thank Goodness you got rid of the alarm clock font!
  12. The update looks good. Something else I would like to see is a batting helmet instead of the back of the cap. Good Work So Far!
  13. They are the same league as my T-Bones (look in my favorite logos thing). I haven't looked at their page in a while so it may still say that they (KC) are in the Northern league (again, I haven't seen it in a while so I might be making no sense), but they actually moved to the American Association a few years ago. I really like the home and road jerseys (I'm not feeling the alternates), but they would be even more amazing if you switched the colors of the crown and bill around (black crown with a tan/sand/gold bill).
  14. Why? The fans at home would know where the team is from, and want to see the team name. And the away fans care more about where the team is from not who they are.Besides that would also be throwing out 100+ years of tradition. You just don't do that like you just don't change Baltimore's colors to purple and green. That doesn't sound anything like what he made (his are more traditional with scripts and numbers on the back and front left or front right) so if you want to see that maybe you should make your own concept for the bird (no offense, but I just don't see him doing that with the way his concepts have looked). For the concept I'm not sure about the reverse pinwheel cap, but that black jersey with "Baltimore" on it is really good. I also like the move to a cartoon bird primary.
  15. I'm not really a fan of the northwestern stripe; I feel that if any team besides Northwestern is going to use it it should only be the Giants. I've always really liked that yellow helmet they have and that paired with yellow pants is gorgeous. I would also either make the white pants a more prominent feature or eliminate them completely.