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  1. Sorry for being late to the party, and I know I'm in the minority here, but I love the old English C. Especially with the hidden le. This iteration has perfect subtlety on the le. Don't like the laurels on the chest, regardless of color, but love it in the logo here. Roundels may be overdone in baseball, but they're overdone for a reason. My only concern with this version is its similarity to the Twins newish primary. Maybe the red and blue could be inverted? Except for the C, keep that red, it's choice. What I really like about this version is the tinkering actually made this look a little bit reminiscent of the 70's caveman style script. If that was on purpose, it was noticed and it's to good historical effect. This roundel would make a fine shoulder patch, love the racing stripes. Confine the laurels to the shoulder patch, and for Cleveland's sake, don't advertise the fact that the Indians have only won two Series in 109 chances.