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  1. that is easy to say, but to practice is something completely different, there won't be much financial backing,and you still need to rent ball park use, and pay for uniforms, and honestly how much support do you think a league like this will get in terms of fans, and the amount they would be willing to pay to watch won't be more than $5 Independent baseball has thrived over the past several decades by charging just $5 to get in the door. Investors are always jumping at the opportunity to invest in something like this. The market appeal is cheap and fun family entertainment.
  2. Our players will be paid. We are absolutely a professional baseball organization.
  3. There is a Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League, don't want to cause confusion.
  4. In a nutshell.This logo is already official, right? So too late to edit I'm guessing. In addition to what these guys said, look at all the empty baby blue space. You have enough elements in this logo to fill the space yet half the logo here is still empty baby blue space. It's okay for the bats or banner to extend beyond the shield's border. It would make use of the space better. Yes it is official, but I think going in removing the gradients, enlarging letters and making things a bit more 'eye friendly' can't hurt, as the as the original design itself is kept. Like you said, an organic fan nickname will probably about. Looking forward to that. I think the generic name allows for the club to be what the fans want it to be (if that makes sense), a closer connection to the team.
  5. At the independent professional level, having a salary cap of about $50,000 is not outrageous, it is almost common. The business plan calls for lower tiered 'community'/ local baseball teams (facilities with only 1,000 capacity etc) where a $20,000 salary cap is very realistic. We're also going to allow for designation of several 'franchise players', where their salaries do not count against the salary cap. Although I don't know how many will be allowed per team (yet), we will be using that rule. At this point we still don't know what the cap will be, however, based off of my experience and conversations with several former independent league executives these numbers are quite desirable and realistic given our projected schedule (only about 70 games) and our policy of no games on Monday's or Tuesday's. Statistically speaking these days do terrible at the box office, so we will hold no games on them. This allows players to go and get part time jobs during those days and during home stands. And of course it is not pay to play.
  6. Right now, I can't. But I can say this, if you keep on following us I promise you won't be disappointed. Were releasing franchise info as soon as were allowed to (legal blah blah blah). There are several underdeveloped markets in independent ball (believe it or not) and were going to be moving into them. The idea is not necessarily targeted at other leagues joining- but rather creating our own leagues and franchises. But I could definitely see pre-existing teams/ leagues joining. In regards to travel expenses, we have accounted for that and have found a model that allows teams to be able to fund it, quite easily actually. The Federation also contributes money to travel expenses, think of it as marketing and brand recognizance if a Federation team plays somewhere that has never heard of us before.
  7. looks more like a soccer crest than a baseball logo Thats the idea! We wanted something 'out of the box'. We know this concept has worked well elsewhere around the world in soccer (after all, soccer is the worlds most popular sport!) so we wanted to give it a try with a different sport, and in america. Additionally, the 'Hamptons' are known for its international population and 'worldly' people so we also thought it fit well with the community.
  8. Hey everyone I just posted about a new independent professional baseball league in the "Sports in General" forum. I'll be posting the branding and logos here for all you guys. I'm proud to show off Hamptons Professional Baseball Club as the first announced franchise. The HPBC has a truly unique branding concept and design. They are the first professional baseball club to not have a team 'nickname'. For example the Manchester United Football Club.
  9. Hey everyone I'd appreciate it if you would all take a look at my project. I'm part of a new independent professional baseball league. We'll be announcing franchises over the next several months and I'll share them in the 'Sports Logo' section, the first one has already been posted. We have a unique new and exciting approach to independent minor league baseball. I took the excerpt below from our website. "First off we are a Federation of 'Leagues' organized into 'Tiers'. The concept is very similar to affiliated MiLB where there are two leagues (International and Pacific Coast) at the AAA level. The Tiers are then divided into leagues. Leagues are geographically organized to reduce travel expenses. For example all Tier 2 teams in the eastern another of the country will play in one league and Tier 2 teams in the western section will play in another. Each League within a Tier will have slight differences (such as date of opening day etc.) to better fit into the local economies. Leagues are made up of teams. Teams play exclusively in their League from about Memorial Day to the beginning of August. After completing League play teams will battle for a Tier level championship. When reading the paragraph above you may have noticed the schedule only goes until the beginning of August. Following the conclusion of the Tier level championship’s teams will compete for the Federation Cup. Teams will be split into a two sided geographically based NCAA March Madness type double elimination bracket. Franchises in the upper Tiers and Tier Level Champions will receive byes until later rounds. Think about the excitement this creates! A lower Tier team with a player budget of $20,000 could have a Cinderella Story type run against franchises that spend over $50,000 on players." Additionally were proud to be working with Phyxius Performance Apparel. As uniform junkies, I suggest checking them out. There going to be the next Nike and Under Armour. I'd appreciate it if you would go check us and give us a like on Facebook at .
  10. Keep an eye out for Boston University out of the Patriot League, could be a real sleeper.
  11. Apparently cricket is gaining steam here in the Northeast. I was talking to a local politician, he said he want to a school expecting to here the parents ask for soccer... he was harassed about cricket. The Bangladesh population is really growing in the US. I want to learn/ understand the sport. The rest of the world thinks its awesome. What are some similarities and differences to baseball.