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  1. Nah man, Fed as a Duck is way weirder (Same for Lupul and Kunitz LOL): Here's Lupul and Kunitz in Cincinnati Mighty Ducks unis I know Chris Kunitz is a decent player, but he's also been incredibly fortunate in his career. He's got a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Won a cup with the Ducks in 2007, got traded to the Penguins in 2009 and won a cup there. His chemistry with Crosby led to him being picked for Team Canada and he won a gold medal there. There's a lot of players as good as Kunitz who haven't fallen into the same kind of success. BTW, the Blue Jackets traded Francois Beauchemin to Anaheim for Federov. Beauchemin has been a solid presence for the Ducks (and Leafs and Ducks again) ever since. Federov scored 39 goals in 185 games as a Blue Jacket. Dougie Maclean had no patience in developing players and instead went after old names like Federov and Adam Foote. Guys he thought would sell tickets. Winning sells tickets, Doug. Have Steve Thomas on the mighty ducks. Also, having good players doesn't automatically make team your good. Examples, the 2012 Miami Marlins and 2013 Toronto Blue Jays. Holy crap! Maybe there was some kind of curse following that group of players involved in the big offseason deals in their respective years!
  2. I see your Strawberry as a Dodger, and I found a more awkward team that he played for: http://newyork.yankees.mlb.com/images/2003/11/13/U5lauP3s.jpg
  3. Has anybody mentioned Randy Johnson as a Yankee yet (or for that matter, a Giant)? He's one of my favorite players of all time, so it was hard to see him struggle the way he did in New York. http://media.nj.com/yankees_main/photo/randy-johnson-new-york-yankees-1016jpg-0441155b7c9533ca_large.jpg
  4. I was just about to say that! The one time that they didn't have a garish color scheme in their history. I think you can still get these hats on Lids or some other hat website.
  5. Hahaha, I see that the same picture was already posted, but the original person who posted it disagreed with me.
  6. Nah man, Fed as a Duck is way weirder (Same for Lupul and Kunitz LOL): How about him as a Capital?http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/sports/photo/fedorov_blog.jpg
  7. That's actually pretty sweet for a 90s logo.
  8. Stephen Weiss as a Red Wing. I'm not just saying that because he had played all of his career with Panthers before the signing, I'm saying that because he's been a bust so far in Detroit...
  9. How many can remember their quarterback they had before Tebow?
  10. Nice! Glad you were able to get your's, now I must find mine!
  11. Having trouble finding Waldo, eh? Haha! All kidding aside, I'm sorry but I can't help because I don't follow soccer.
  12. It's where he started Very true. In a way I found that interesting once he got on board with the Phillies organization after leaving the Cubs minor leagues.I can only wish him the best, but still wish he was with the Cubs organization in some capacity. Although, I realize why he left. Ryno is my favorite baseball player of all time. I was really disappointed when the Cubs hired Dale Sveum instead of him, but then I realized that is just wasn't the right time to bring Ryno to the North Side. The Cubs are/were a mess, and nothing Sandberg could have done would have changed that. Sveum was hired to fail, unfortunately so is Renteria. Hopefully the timing is right to bring Ryno back to the Cubs when they actually have a competitive team on the field. That has to happen soon, right? I can only hope! Hopefully Don Mattingly can also comeback to the Yankees after the Joe Girardi era ends.
  13. One selling on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Philadelphia-Eagles-1933-Throwback-Mini-Football-Helmet-Riddell-New-w-Box-/291095013504?pt=US_Football_Fan_Shop&hash=item43c69d6880 Spotted it the day it was listed and am the only bidder so far. I appreciate you pointing it out though!Good luck with the bidding! Hopefully no jerks come and swoop it up in the last second.
  14. The colors work for them, but with Adidas trying to copy the look to every one of their college teams it looks awfulYeah, sort of like the Rays rip-off of the 70's Padres uniforms.
  15. I also like the purple and teal Arizona Diamondbacks look WAY more than the Sedona Red and Sand color scheme.
  16. Would it be unpopular to say the Houston Astros rainbow jerseys are one of the coolest and most unique jerseys ever (in an ugly, nostalgic kind of way)?
  17. My whale is a Randy Johnson teal and purple era Diamondbacks jersey. One of my favorite players of all time. Sadly, I have not found said jersey yet.
  18. That is really cool. Well, except for Clemens...
  19. Is it too soon to say Marty St Louis as a NY Ranger?
  20. Not gonna lie, the last year I played Soccer I almost got these. Well, this is a thread for unpopular opinions!
  21. Correct. If I was made dicator put in charge of FIFA I would only allow players the choice between these three sets of boots: Which seems to be an unpopular opinion now as every match I see in this country, from Premier League, to Sunday League to kids matches at least one player is wearing a pair of these: That multi colored one may be the most hideous thing I have ever seen.
  22. You are talking about football right? If so no this couldn't workI could see this working for baseball or football.
  23. Darryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden as Yankees. Straw: http://serve.cdnzoom.com/SportsBlogcom/filewarehouse/67690/1c83dab35a5ba436fce7b3632dc0c15f.jpg Doc: http://media.nj.com/mets_main/photo/10161029-large.jpg
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