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  1. Doc Gooden, in his lone season (2000) in which he pitched for the Rays and Astros before collecting his second World Series ring with the Yankees, his third total. (He did not, however, play in the World Series against the Mets.)
  2. It was pretty hard trying to watch Carpenter's speech without crying
  3. Dominique Wilkins spent almost his whole career as a Hawk in the Pac Man unis, except for his last season in Atlanta in '93-94. He would be traded midseason to the Clippers for Danny Manning.
  4. Must've been taken right after he paid child support.
  5. The "Russian Rocket", Pavel Bure, in the orca Canucks jerseys. He's much more synonymous with the flying skate uniforms.
  6. Joe Sakic only wore these duds for the last couple seasons of his career.
  7. Not sports related, but for the longest time I thought that a gas station's company name was "Sunco", only to learn that it's actually Sunoco. Coincidentally, there is a car supply retailer named Sunco. http://suncopetroleum.com/
  8. Two-for: Grant Hill in the wrong uniform era (before the switch to the teal uniforms that he is synonymous with), and Michael Jordan wearing the wrong number (45, instead of his iconic #23).
  9. Picture-perfect precision:
  10. There's just something about postseason baseball…
  11. These monstrosities worn by my Tigers in 1927:
  12. These would've been decent… if they actually used team colors:
  13. Surprised no one's mentioned these:
  14. No, but it did come with some gin and juice.
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