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  1. I dig the logo. It'll probably look pretty sweet on a cap. Just wish the colour scheme was different. Far too similar to Boston and Pittsburgh , in my opinion.
  2. This: Of course, that moment to me is more “ruined” by the Red Spx losing the next game. If the Sox won Game 7, and in turn, the series, after winning game 6 in such dramatic fashion, we might hold Carlton Fisk's home run in even higher regard than it is now celebrated.
  3. 1. I actually would buy a retail one in a heartbeat if 100% of the funds raised went into helping the families of the victims. Perhaps setting up a charity fund of some sort. 2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who liked the gradient uniforms. I know they're hated by many, but I love how unique they were. They certainly had more character than the current uniforms do.
  4. In the way back days of the NFL, there was a team called the Brooklyn Dodgers that coexisted with the baseball team of the same name.
  5. That was a great color scheme, but I honestly don't care for that particular logo. I get that the designer was trying to avoid creating something that looks busy and complicated, but to me the shapes look too basic. Without knowing what a Clipper ship is, most people would just see a zig-zag shape and a circle.
  6. With the fellow Missouri team moving, the Kansas City Chiefs no longer have an “arch” rival.
  7. Well, since this thread was already resurrected, I'l contribute. I'd go back in time to prevent Jeffrey Loria from ever owning an MLB franchise. That would stop the dirty Red Sox-Expos ownership swap, and in turn, would prevent that weasel from ruining the Florida/Miami Marlins.
  8. 2006 World Series. Kenny Rogers (the pitcher) really deserved to finally get that ring and win the series MVP award.
  9. We all know that Mitchell & Ness is the top name in throwback jerseys. You can find jerseys of pretty much every team from every era. But there are some jerseys that are now considered "old school", along with old jerseys they just haven't made yet (to my knowledge). My question is, what would you gladly buy from them which they have not yet made? As for my hometown picks: Dave Bing and Bob Lanier Detroit Pistons jerseys. 1935 Charlie Gehringer and/or Hank Greenberg away Detroit Tigers jersey. 1945 Hank Greenberg away Tigers jersey. 1957 Bobby Layne and/or Doak Walker Lions jerseys. Other picks: Eddie Gaedel St. Louis Browns jersey (because of the humorous 1/8 on the back) Ken Griffey Jr. late 80s/early 90s Mariners jersey (perfect time to make them, and I'm sure they'd have no problem selling them this summer) Griffey Jr. Turn Ahead The Clock jersey (sure, they were ugly, but wouldn't it be hilarious to have a jersey style that was once considered futuristic now be made as a throwback jersey?) Anaheim Mighty Ducks “Wild Wing” alt jerseys (I don't care what anyone else thinks about those jerseys; I'd gladly buy a Guy Hebert or Teemu Selanne version) 1998 Tony Gwynn San Diego Padres jersey (I'd be fine with either home or away style, I love the color scheme)
  10. And minor league teams can actually pull it off, because their logos are so silly that nobody takes them as seriously as logos that have been around for generations. To do something as stupid as this isn't spitting on the history of some of Major League Baseball's most iconic franchises, it's taking a on them and making so effort to clean up the mess.
  11. Those look like awful off brand stuff you find in the clothes section of Meijer/Walmart.
  12. In my opinion, these uniforms were better: Were they silly looking? Yes. Was the uniform a combination of pretty much all of the 90s clichés (minus teal)? Yep. Is the logo itself silly looking? You bet. But to me, they have more character and are more unique looking than the uniforms that came afterwards. I think we both can agree that the Raptors certainly need to bring back the purple. It was a perfect complimentary color to the shade of red the Raptors use, and the current uniforms are a little too bland for my taste.
  13. http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2012/1103/nhl_hof_04.jpg
  14. Has anybody felt the material on the new Flexbase jerseys? Is it durable enough to justify the ridiculous $200+ price?
  15. No kidding. The old CCM jerseys are way better than the awful Reebok NHL jerseys made today. The material is awful, and does nothing to justify the $100+ cost. I'm scared to wash those jerseys, terrified at the thought of the jersey being torn apart in the wash.
  16. 1. Boston Bruins 2. St. Louis Cardinals- Worst fans in baseball 3. Chicago Blackhawks- especially Patrick Kane 4. Dallas Cowboys- especially Greg Hardy 5. Green Bay Packers 6. "The" Ohio State University 7. New York Yankees 8. Chicago White Sox