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  1. How do the Athletics look better than the Tigers?
  2. I not only like, but adore the Brewers current identity. Some people may call their current color scheme boring, but I believe it suits them much better than the old blue and yellow. I also think that this would make a perfect cap logo for the Brew Crew: (I might have to work on a concept soon)
  3. I don't associate those uniforms with a bad era of Orioles baseball, they make me think of Cal Ripken Jr.'s Iron Man consecutive games streak and his awesome home run in the 2001 All Star Game.
  4. I love this uniform and the realistic bird logo for the Orioles:
  5. If you're on a mobile device like I am, simply copy the url of the photo and paste it in between For example, _https://sullybaseball.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/sh-tycobb.jpg_ becomes (Take out the underscores)
  6. Nah, I think they played against each other in at least one game during the 2099 season.
  7. I don't think the Vancouver Canucks have ever had a great logo in their history. The current orca logo is alright, but does nothing to represent Canucks (I honestly thought a Canuck was a type of whale until I finally looked up what the word means). The flying skate was way too wacky and colorful (red, yellow, orange, and black is a bit excessive for a color scheme). The stick-in-rink logo is boring as hell (don't try to convince me that it's classic, it doesn't represent a Canuck either). Johnny Canuck is alright, because it at least does its job of representing the team name, but I don't think it could work full time on an NHL jersey. I think it may be time for Vancouver's NHL franchise to rebrand itself (maybe they could resurrect the Millionaires name and logo).
  8. That is either the coolest or the ugliest hat I've seen in my life.
  9. This is a pretty interesting ariticle: http://www.sbnation.com/mlb/2015/5/12/8593851/barry-bonds-collusion-grievance-selig-conspiracy-opus-dei
  10. This is what makes me think it might be fake.
  11. What we've established is, Will Clark in anything other than a Giants uniform doesn't look right.
  12. I don't see the Yankees uniform you are referring to, but my pick would have to be this:
  13. Maybe a year or 2 at most but I don't see it lasting longer really than it did, the wave number and name is just so damn goofy and the striping looks like a drunk child drew it, I just hate how there's no consistency to the thickness of the stripes.Also the blues changed their uniforms to have regular numbers the same year the islanders did for the 97-98 season. To be honest, I think this uniform looks like it was created in MS Paint.
  14. I don't like soccer.At all. *grabs shield*
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