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  1. Let it be known that I will NEVER set foot in Cooperstown until justice is served! Three people didn't vote for Griffey, and Bagwell was absolutely robbed by 5% of the voters! Trammell got screwed over as well, which pisses me off even further.
  2. You can just replace the Giants logo with a Padres logo!
  3. Can I amend my ballot and the way I filled it out? I only have two changes.Jeff Bagwell (Astros cap) Ken Griffey Jr (backwards cap, no logo, but count him as a Mariner) Trevor Hoffman (Padres cap) Fred McGriff (Braves cap) Mike Piazza (Marlins cap jokingly, Mets cap seriously) Tim Raines (Expos cap) Lee Smith (Cardinals cap) Alan Trammell (Tigers cap, elect Lou Whitaker via Expansion Committee next voting year) Larry Walker (Rockies cap) Edit: Added McGriff and Raines.
  4. 2K hockey games were complete garbage. I have never thought to myself, Yeah, I much perfer 2K's awful graphics, horrible controls, and easy as hell gameplay to EA's smooth graphics and functioning controls and goaltenders that actually challenge you! Sure, EA usually just recycles the same stuff year after year with minimal changes, but they've always crushed 2K when it comes to hockey games. Whereas you'd have to blow the whole thing up and start everything from scratch, EA has the basic bones to make a perfect hockey game, they need to make very few changes (allow more options for creating teams and players and more depth in the way of throwback jerseys). Hell, I owned both NHL 2005 for the original XBox and NHL2K8 for the PS3, and while 2K8 had more jerseys to pick from, everything else about NHL 2006 was a million times better. Especially graphics.
  5. My picks would be Bagwell, Griffey, Hoffman, Piazza, Smith, Trammell, and Walker.
  6. In no particular order: Major League The Mighty Ducks trilogy Happy Gilmore Field of Dreams
  7. they might just be getting really into boardgames If so, they'll soon be announcing they've signed Milton Bradley.
  8. But... Cardinals fans are supposed to be classy and dignified and professional [/] and.... I'm sorry, I can't keep typing this with a straight face.
  9. The original and follow up shipments sold out in a few days, and I haven't heard anything about additional shipments. I had to check the Jays Shop every day one week to get my 7 1/4 before they sold out again. And like the Post Season hat, it was made in the USA Wait... so a Canadian team.... is using a hat made in the U.S. ... for a celebration of America's pastime?
  10. The Tigers jersey would look decent... if the shade of blue was actually navy instead of whatever the hell that's supposed to be.
  11. The field caught on fire. There's a joke in that, I'm sure.The Rams are on fire for the first time since 2001.
  12. Eric Lindros, Quebec Nordiques superstar.
  13. The late, great Junior Seau.
  14. I like to think of those as the Scott Norwood jerseys.
  15. So, Finland, in regards to hockey, is the complete opposite of The Best Fans in Baseball?Also, Finland kinda sounds like Montreal.
  16. Because white caps, like the pictures posted above, look like cheap gimmicks.
  17. Since this thread has been resurrected, I thought I'd add some of the encounters I've had this year. I met Ted Lindsay and Alex Delvecchio at an autograph signing. Ted Lindsay was SUPER nice! I met Jack Morris at a different autograph signing. Nothing really interesting occurred during out interaction though. He just signed my 89 Topps baseball card and I walked away. I met current Detroit Lions Devin Taylor, Tahir Whitehead, and Corey Fuller as well as former Lions Rob Rubick, Cory Schlesinger. Tahir Whitehead was also extremely nice and Herman Moore was really cool when I thanked him for playing so many years for my favorite football team, even when they weren't really good. John Vanbiesbrouck was also pretty cool when I met him. He was one of the supervisors at a hockey camp that my little brother attended (who, coincidentally is also a goalie). I got him to sign a hockey card for me and also had a nice conversation with him thanking him for signing my card and helping out with the camp, which is located in my small, basic Michigan hometown.