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  1. The current Pirates look is top 5 in the MLB. Even with them wearing that black alt All the time and having the camo jersey. If they changed those two things only Oakland, Yankees and Cardinals would look better than them.

    How do the Athletics look better than the Tigers?
  2. I not only like, but adore the Brewers current identity. Some people may call their current color scheme boring, but I believe it suits them much better than the old blue and yellow. I also think that this would make a perfect cap logo for the Brew Crew:


    (I might have to work on a concept soon)

  3. I don't think the Vancouver Canucks have ever had a great logo in their history. The current orca logo is alright, but does nothing to represent Canucks (I honestly thought a Canuck was a type of whale until I finally looked up what the word means). The flying skate was way too wacky and colorful (red, yellow, orange, and black is a bit excessive for a color scheme). The stick-in-rink logo is boring as hell (don't try to convince me that it's classic, it doesn't represent a Canuck either). Johnny Canuck is alright, because it at least does its job of representing the team name, but I don't think it could work full time on an NHL jersey.

    I think it may be time for Vancouver's NHL franchise to rebrand itself (maybe they could resurrect the Millionaires name and logo).

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