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  1. Its an alright logo, but anything's better than the stupid stick-in-rink (yes, even the orca is better).
  2. They would form a duo that would kill the opposition.
  3. I love that everyone wears 42 on Jackie Robinson Day (today).
  4. I hate the Cleveland Oranges' new uniforms.
  5. We should start a Lounge thread for Will Ferrell quotes.
  6. Either the jersey posted above or this jersey would get my nomination for best Padres jersey of all time:
  7. Sam Bradford in his new Eagles uniform: Firmly grasp it Live look-in at Sam Bradford:
  8. I always thought the black hat with the A logo and teal bill was far better than the all-black hat with the D logo that replaced it -- maybe even the best D'Backs hat of all. But that could be just because I've never liked how they had two different monogram logos.That cap is one of my all time favorites.
  9. Awful, awful uniforms. Thank God each of them only lasted one season.
  10. Los Angeles Chargers? Doesn't quite sound right
  11. This is talked about here: http://thesportspost.com/blogs/view/nfl-what-if-1998-nfl-draft-peyton-manning-ryan-leaf If the Colts take Leaf, they probably end up 2-14, and they get the #2 pick (remember that Cleveland was the #1 pick) in the 99 draft. Since Peyton isn't there, and because Leaf is already looking like a big bust, Polian decides to make the trade that he turned down in reality (they could have done the Ricky Williams trade with NO, but decided against it). They could have gotten more first rounders (from 99-02) than the Skins got, as well as getting NO's entire 99 draft. That trade could have netted them several star players and key contributors over the next few years, like Anthony McFarland, Brian Urlacher, Shaun Alexander, Richard Seymour, and Drew Brees (while still getting Reggie Wayne in Round 2). With those pieces (and others not mentioned), they go on to be the preeminent team of the 2000's. So... you're saying it would've been better for the Colts to draft Leaf instead of Manning?
  12. I don't like their away uniform from the era, but I like the 1980s Atlanta Braves home uniform: It'd be cool to see it in action again, maybe as a one off for a day honoring Dale Murphy (on a side note, its a damn travesty that he hasn't been elected to the Hall of Fame).
  13. Looking wrong doesn't even begin to describe how these pictures mess with me.
  14. Not sure if its an unpopular opinion, but I love caps with front panel colors. (^I bought one of these caps at a Brewers game, and I wear it quite often.)
  15. The way the flames and the letters line up is similar.
  16. I just realized that this logo resembles the old Calgary Flames alt logo. Coincidence?
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