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  1. One of the most unpopular opinions I have is that I love the 1970's Pittsburgh Pirates hats.
  2. You're right, I've never noticed that before.
  3. Creamsicles, because while both are ugly, the creamsicles at least have history. About the favorite team having the best uniform, mine already does.
  4. Tigers6884

    MLB Fauxbacks

    These jerseys are absolutely hideous and atrocious. So you're doing it right!
  5. God... they day is coming where we'll see sleeve jerseys AND ads? Talk about the death of traditional jerseys.
  6. In the 1990's, teams such as the Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles, Edmonton Oilers, New York Islanders, and Pittsburgh Penguins changed their logos. Problem was, they had won championships wearing these logos that they were changing. Their new logos were criticized, and in some cases, hated (remember Robo Penguin and Fishsticks?). To make matters worse, none of these teams won championships under the new logos. This may be what led to the hate. Eventually these teams switched back to the classic" logos (and Pittsburgh has also won another Stanley Cup, in 2009). So what do you guys think? Were the logos really that bad, or were they a scapegoat to place the losing teams bad luck on?
  7. I actually like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays rainbow gradient logo.