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  1. When are we hearing any news on what the Wizards are doing for their uniforms? Does anyone have any info or leaked images?
  2. So, I stumbled across an article relating to Cincinnati... https://www.fccincinnati.com/news_article/show/964021 Hope we see leaks before the unveiling.
  3. So....I purchased an authentic Wizards jersey on Oct.23. NBA Store withdrew their money from my account. I’m still waiting on it and have filed multiple complaints about shipping and date of shipping. Now I’ve gone on NBA Store and checked all 30 NBA Teams Store fronts and only Cleveland, Golden State, Houston, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, and San Antonio have Authentic jerseys available. I’m wondering if the NBA is pulling all the Authentic jerseys from the store. Let me know what you guys think about this.
  4. Hey there! I think it's about time to have a discussion about the upcoming MLS season. We've got a new team joining the league in LAFC. Hope people can start providing leaks and/or info into upcoming kits.
  5. In the next few days we should be have the remaining teams right? Since everyday we've had one or two teams unveil either sponsor or jerseys. I think all the jerseys will be unveiled by Friday the latest.
  6. I think no one has noticed this. Chris Paul is using the Nike Houston Rockets jersey in this picture. ( Could be photoshopped too.)
  7. So today is the day after summer league ended. We should be getting way more pics of Nike NBA jerseys. Waiting for my hometown Wizards to show up on this thread
  8. So, btw is anyone anxiously waiting to know the date of the official unveiling of the Nike NBA Jerseys. Well, I am and can't wait for someone to confirm it in this thread. I hope it's in the next few days. Since free agents are gonna be holding up their new jerseys.
  9. So just saw a picture of Dwight Howard in a Jordan Charlotte Hornets tee.
  10. I don't know if anyone has been asking themselves this, but when will the NBA and Nike announce the new uniforms. Will it be the day before the draft or a few weeks before the season? If anyone knows, please share.
  11. So the last few days I've been going over social media (especially Washington Wizards) and came across a logo that was used during these playoffs but not during the season. I believe it's one of their new logos.
  12. The Washington Wizards are also tweaking some aspects of their home and away jerseys. There's also a chance they might introduce a new secondary logo or replace the primary logo. ( According to some season ticket representatives).
  13. Just spotted the new Wizards half-zip sweater from Nike via Jason Smith instagram. It's the trainer to the right of Will Ferrell.
  14. So I was just checking out the NBA store online and came across something interesting. Some hats are described as "current logo" while some hats with the secondary logos don't. I believe we will be seeing a lot of teams changing logos this postseason. Btw, I spotted this on the Washington Wizards section.
  15. Heard that the Wizards are getting small changes to their current jerseys as soon as Nike takes over. Also, season ticket members will be receiving a Nike warm-up sweater.
  16. So I wanted to know if anyone knows if the Wizards will be getting new uniforms or a slight change to their current uniforms.
  17. So I've noticed the Warriors and other teams have began to phase in the Nike logos on the basketball hoops.
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