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  1. Been away from these boards for a while, but Great Work, all of it. It was my pleasure giving you feedback on teams like the Brewers, Rockies, and Giants among others!
  2. Not bad, but please get the file size down on these! My connection is only 6x faster than dial-up at best, and my 6 year old laptop barely has the horsepower to render the images once they're loaded!
  3. Baltimore, Boston, New York, Tampa, Toronto. At least one, maybe two will be predictable. The rest should be interesting!
  4. The more I look at this set, the more I'm moved to say that the all navy treatment of the home pinstripes is mighty fine!
  5. Nice job here. Pinstripe road is the weakest part of it but as you said, even you dont like it too much.
  6. Interesting! Giants are going to nearly last, I suppose. Sugestion: Giants current alt script over a proper football for the crest. Cream home, orange away, black clash.
  7. I'll third that, except I like the powder blue uni there
  8. What about plucking the feather off of Chief Wahoo's head and incorporating that somehow? Also, as you might know, there is plenty of precedent for a C logo on the left chest. EDIT: 1) come to think of it, the headdress on the 70's C as you have is quickly growing on me. 2) Neither here nor there I suppose, but compare: 1928 logo vs. US Nickel of 1913-1938 vs. DC Gridiron vs. Blackhawks