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  1. I'm going to bump my nearly 3 year old thread now that the original title is no longer true. The worst part about the new uniforms from Adidas is the change to the black socks like the old alternates had. It looks too much like Pittsburgh now. I really hope they can change back to yellow.
  2. I really hope the Bruins switch back to yellow socks. I remember a few years ago when the Red Sox got new road uniforms, they had been paired with blue undershirts and socks, and that lasted like a month before they went back to red.
  3. Looks good. I think if you made the under shirt the same color as the diamond pattern and removed the sleeve striping, it would have a nice continuous kinda look from undershirt to jersey.
  4. As some of you probably know, Uni-Watch ran a Redesign the USA Baseball contest this past week. This was my submission. It was a little rushed, but I was happy with the overall look of the uniforms.
  5. Patriots logo should be a little bigger. The top of the logo should be just in front of first vent and tail ends further back, but I know you said you aren't gonna be too picky about that stuff.
  6. Yeah, its a new team haha. Thanks for that, didn't notice. I have a new one, the Dodgers, who have had the same logo for their entire time in LA. The star references the stars of LA and Hollywood and the silver refers to the silver screen. And a full write up here -
  7. You're right! I knew something about the shape of this C looked like something I've seen before but wasn't sure. I thought it was a college team. Then when you said that I remembered right away.
  8. Here is my Cubs logo o And a more detailed description here - Yes, it is another blocky, angular logo, but I combines some of the past Cubs logos into one, while I hope still being recognizable as the Cubs.
  9. Cubs is a good one. I might have to try that. I'm also gonna do other sports as well.
  10. Here's an update to the Yankees one to correct some shading issues
  11. I want to try to alter and reinvent some of the classic and iconic logos in sports. Logos that no one would want to change, but for the purpose of these concepts, that's the entire point. There's a bit more of a write up here - I've done two so far. The Red Sox and Yankees. These are more edgy and not as round as the originals. What do you guys think? And what are some other classic logos you'd like to see my change?
  12. I really like the rope as the outline. Nice job making it nautical themed.
  13. I'd still move up the numbers closer to the wordmark.
  14. I also say D. Looks the most balanced I think, between the colors.