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  1. In 10 years #9 and #56 will be added. I see you're still rocking the banner sig. I have two issues with the Stars' banners. 1) Western Conference Champions Regular Season isn't a recognized award/trophy. it's an accomplishment for sure but it should not be up there. In two of the three cases, they also won the Presidents so it's a given. It seems like extra fabric for no good reason. Pull those three banners and hoist the 5 North Stars banners up there. Those 2 Campbell and 3 Norris are well deserved and should be displayed. Broten, Goldy, Modano and others helped earn them - they're in your history. 2) The retired numbers kind of get the shaft. Now I realize they inherited 2 from Minnesota and were not obligated to hoist them and the the third accomplished more in Minnesota and as a Devil than as a Dallas Star. For honoring those players I am grateful. However, sticking them all on one banner seems cheesy. Now with Modano and Zubov coming up I hope they separate them out. Give each their own banner, make the banners either generic enough and uniform (perhaps match the white conference banners) or go all the way and have them represent the various eras of the players. As much as I would love the last remnants of the North Stars, those three players, to have their own banner and for two of them to have green-era banners (Broten would get black), I don't think Dallas will be acknowledging the North Stars with that kind of tribute. Truthfully, I am just very appreciated that they continued to honor #s 8 and 19 as retired. I was also appreciative that they retired Broten's number, primarily on the things he did in Minnesota. I'll be content if they just keep them hanging in the rafters. Actually, I wish Minnesota had retired Cicerelli's number, but he was still playing when the team left. I would not think Dallas would do so since he never played there. I wonder...is Dino's number retired anywhere? He's one of the leading goal scorers ever. about honoring the north stars players with individual banners... it's not a slight to the north stars players at all, since that's how the dallas stars do it. it's been discussed that even when modano and zubov retire, they both get their own banner for 1 season. then that banner is taken down, and given to that player... the number is then added to the celtics-style banner. that's how they did it for brots, too. he used to have his own #7 banner... but then it was taken down and given to him when they moved to AAC.
  2. In 10 years #9 and #56 will be added. What about 2, 22, 25 and 26? 2 maybe, but probably not. Had he stuck around a little longer rather than chasing $$$ than probably. 22 got his hanging in St Louis, but perhaps there's room for it in Dallas. Will it change to a 16 when viewed from the other side? 25 seems to have a bright future in Miami. If it were up for retirement consideration, they wouldn't have given it to Conner. 26 perhaps. That's a distinct possibility. i'm one of hatch's biggest fans, but there's no way 2 gets retired for him. hully is confusing, since he wore 22 for the big moment, but only wore 22 for 1 season. then you've got 16, which he only wore for 2 seasons here, and didn't really do anything worthy of retirement for. hull means a LOT for the stars franchise, but there is no number that symbolizes him or his accomplishments. nieuwy rules, but it won't get retired. and jere has a shot, but only if he never plays anywhere else... and then it might not be immediate like mo will be, and zubie should be.
  3. In 10 years #9 and #56 will be added. i think we're closer to 3 years than 10 years, but i agree totally.
  4. stars banners, taken at the AAC after game 3, round against the ducks... by yours truely.
  5. i've gotten a few requests in PM now for my raster soccer template, long sleeve/goal keeper edition... so here we go. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v144/Col...ole-temp-GK.gif once again, you'll need to resize it before you post your concepts, for everyone's sake
  6. i got some requests through PM asking for a raster version of the soccer temp that i used on some of my latest concepts... so here it is... it's friggin' huge, but that's so you can shrink it down when you're finished with it, and it'll be cleaner and more anti-aliased... anyway, enjoy, those who asked for it. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v144/Col...late-raster.gif
  7. I made this soccer template, using Roger's football template as a base. i just edited it around to make it for soccer, and included a few (not all, sadly) of the soccer brand logos i could think of... enjoy. http://www.geocities.com/cole_thebrokenhoc...late-soccer.gif
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