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  1. please, with all respect, compare and contrast both the striping-simplicity and logo-complexity of these concepts to the current uniforms of the chicago blackhawks (or wings/wild/pens), so i can see what you are seeing.
  2. uniform notwithstanding, the top left looks the best here, doesn't it? logo-wise?
  3. green and gold is heavenly. kelly and athletic or metallic, specifically. i'm also a sucker for navy and columbia blue, brown and gold, brown and orange... columbia and grey. red and silver. my absolute favorite color scheme is one that isn't really used though. take the minnesota wild and replace the green with chocolate brown. brown, red, and gold/wheat... it just looks so amazing to me.
  4. This is apparently where I should posted this to begin with: Claret and Blue is ugly.
  5. About red and green, I don't mind it when it's just red, white, and green. It's got like a weird retro plastic feel it, in a way I really like. Don't ask why.... but when you add gold like the Wild, it's too much. Then you start looking Rastafarian to me. Especially if black is in play like the Mooterus. But I'd say my least favorite are probably dark green with blue and/or black (like those Rays jerseys), or the ever present soccer combining of Claret and Blue. The blue makes the Claret just so much more sickly and pinkish purple in contrast. I am not a fan.
  6. That's no more of an issue than how some baseball players wear high socks and some players wear long pants. If you don't wear the undershirt, you don't have the stripes... Just like how players in the previous eras would often cut stripes off in their tailoring. That pic isn't a bad thing, despite one player having the undershirt and the other not.
  7. thank you... gold/silver socks aren't a thing. they either look khaki, baby-poo, or grey, and are jarringly different than the other applications of the color on other materials. it has never once looked good. red socks, and i'm down. the only way you'd be able to make GOLD socks would be that very 90's/00's dazzle fabric like the old predators sleeves, and that would just look trashy, if it's even possible due to the needed elasticity of a sock for practical purposes.
  8. none taken, my good man.
  9. It's odd because the Stars have been saying for a few years now to expect an alternate this season. And didn't Adidas say every team would get an alternate?
  10. i absolutely love the Red Sox navy blue alternates. When the Sox play up the navy and use red for accents, like the cap, I think they look amazing. It isn't better than the home or road, but I absolutely love every time I see them in navy. The red jersey? Never been much of a fan... but I do prefer navy blue undershirts on the home/road.
  11. these jerseys look like 90's screensavers.
  12. if you REALLY want to comic sansify that stars logo, you could even change the star shape to a Comic Sans asterisk.... just throwing that out there
  13. I got yelled at at HEB in Texas for wearing a 70s Summit Series Soviet Union jersey. Not really a misconception, but a guy just really upset that I'd wear such a thing. Also, every single Troy Trojans thing I own (my Alma Mater) is regularly called Tennessee Titans stuff. By everyone. Even my kids, who went to my graduation.
  14. So...... why are the O's wearing green today? I feel like I missed something.
  15. Contrast in and of itself isn't important. It is only important when it serves the purpose it's going for. Having blue and red touch for a team that doesn't have much use for purple is ugly.... But the blur between the red, yellow, and white in Calgary furthers the look by looking more fiery. Same goes for the color bleeding of the old Navy Oilers uniforms. The stripes weren't orange. They were copper with a thin red outline. Those colors bled, but it created an effect that isn't dissimilar to an overly sharpened jpeg or and HDR photograph. It subtly changed the tone of the stripe with color placement, to create a specific visual effect. That's what the flames did, imo. Intentionally or not, it worked. The yellow doesn't NEED to contrast because it isn't the star. The whole purpose of it is to add warmth and highlight to the primary red color. Not every color transition has to be stark and contrasted. Some can be gradual and subtle, if it achieves the aesthetic you desire. My 2 cents.
  16. Flames don't need black, imo. If they had another name, sure.... but the only purpose for black that I can see is to anchor it and keep it from being too bright and warm. But if any team is gonna be bright and warm, it's a team named Flames. I don't even mind if the yellow and white bleed together. That just gives them the same aesthetic as Detroit with red and white, only the color in between the red and white makes it more fiery, even if it starts to bleed together. If that makes sense.
  17. it was salvageable, but too many bad choices were made during the design process... red should NEVER be on a stars jersey, because up to that point, the most hated teams in stars/north stars history were the blackhawks and the red wings... then the wild came into the league wearing green/red/gold, and it just felt like we had to co-opt their color scheme after stealing their original team... make that stripe white, or gold (and gold to white), and it would have been better... the logo, i'll never forgive... it feels like one of those jerseys that looks better for out-of-market fans than in-market fans... it was designed by the same people as the lady liberty rangers sweaters, and you can really tell. the statue of liberty is one of those icons of new york that most new yorkers have never been to... likewise, cattle is a good representation of dallas for people that aren't from dallas. if they wanted to make a constellation logo, the more obvious dallas-themed decision would be to use the pegasus constellation... the pegasus is the sort of unofficial "animal" of dallas, has loads of history, and can be seen all over downtown. even the original Dallas Burn crest was based on the iconic dallas pegasus shape. the mavs toyed with a pegasus during their rebrand, and the WNBA dallas wings use a pegasus as the logo. lose the red and give us a more dallas/less stereotypical texas constellation, and this may have had a chance.... wanting to be stereotypically "texan" led to the use of a bull... then tom hicks said he didn't want to turn off aggies by looking too "UT" with a longhorn, so they turned the horns upside down, making it into a uterus. it's the kind of jersey that stars fans, almost universally, hated... but it's such a terrible jersey that a lot of us are trying to find some to wear ironically now. i've never been able to justify pulling the trigger, however. it's just soooo bad.
  18. What if: The Tennessee Oilers aren't scared off by Randy Moss's personal life, and take him with the 16th pick in the 1998 Draft? How drastically does Moss on the Titans instead of Kevin Dyson affect the future of the franchise? Is Moss's height, skill, and speed difference enough to get into the end zone at the end of Super Bowl XXXIV? Does McNair/Moss become as dominant as Culpepper/Moss, or perhaps even more so? What does it do for Moss's long-term career, and what does it do for the Titans fortunes overall, or even the legacy of Steve McNair? That's why Moss's late-career short stint with the Titans was such a blast for me as a fan. I feel like it righted a wrong, only way too late to matter anymore. Turtle Pilgrim Out.
  19. I know we are rivals with the Texans. The two teams I was referring to were the Seahawks and Cowboys.
  20. So a red swoosh is really enough to make half of you confuse the Titans for the Texans? The color schemes aren't the same.... They look more like the Seahawkowboys than the Texans... and have no rivalry with either of those two teams. I really do think some of you are over dramatic sometimes. The new Titans uniforms aren't good, but they aren't half the things they're being accused of either.
  21. Sigh... I'm a good little lemming because the more I look at these, the more I don't hate them...... I even sorta like the navy on navy on navy look. Kill me.
  22. The helmet is a MASSIVE upgrade... and the Columbia blue jersey is a single-colored grey yoke and number color inversion from being amazing. I'm not totally against it. I'd probably buy a Lewan or a Henry.
  23. Pleeeeeeeeeease god give us shiny metallic silver pants. I'd spring for an authentic if the silver was like the old Preds sleeves from their inaugural set.
  24. I hate how every Titans discussion devolves into an Oilers discussion. Half this board probably doesn't even remember the Oilers being IN Texas. Let it die, and this is coming from a former Oilers fan that embraces the Titans identity. The Oilers were 100% Bud. He is no longer with us. Now his daughter is doing a great job of running his team under a new banner. If any team deserves a green light for ridiculous arena league rags, it's the Titans. I hope we have 2-tone grey roads with navy-chrome helmets, Oilers colored armpits, and wearing Tennessee flags as full blown Superman capes. Why the hell not. We aren't the Packers, Yankees, Celtics, or Habs.
  25. The only thing I really actually hate about that is the font.....
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