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  1. i actually really like the brown and orange padres (love the hat and the wordmark)... someone point me in the direction of the unpopular opinion thread?
  2. well, i'm not a big fan of the home... but i think i may be on board with a columbia blue alternate/color rush, if that's a thing...... hate that font, though. i liked the old font.
  3. Today is probably the best the Rays have ever dressed, imo. Looked especially good with that neon sleeve of Hechevaria. Light blue, navy, and neon green/yellow looks nice.
  4. I expect the Titans to look a lot flashier and a little over-designed, but that's okay because their other set was flashy and over-designed when it was new. Not like we are :censored:ting on some serious history here. I just hope it isn't so extravagant that I feel silly wearing it to the grocery store on sundays or anything. I like the idea of more silver, but if it's silver yokes on a navy jersey, it'll be in that uncanny valley of being almost a normal Titans jersey but suddenly less saturated and less columbia blue.
  5. I'm a Titans fan... There's at least another one or two on here.... Titans have fan support. It's not like they play in front of a tarped-out stadium or anything... their fans just generally aren't very fashion conscious apparently.
  6. as a dallas stars and tennessee titans fan, who has both acquired a team from another market and lost my team from my state to another (but remained a fan), these discussions always just exhaust me. being a fan of a team like this is like a constant decades long child custody dispute. houston and tennessee both share the oilers legacy... you can't strip it completely from either, so just let it be what it is. the texans are a great identity. the titans are a unique identity. just sorta... cherish the oilers in your own way... in your memories. the team identity isn't around anymore, and we're just not GOING to do a hornets/pelicans thing, nor should we. let's stop wasting keystrokes pretending it might, or should, happen. and navy has ALWAYS been a titans color, the primary for the majority of their existence... ditching a white helmet for a navy helmet has literally zero bearing on the texans existence at all. the exact same number of NFL teams are going to have navy as their primary color in 2018 as in 2017. i'm pretty sure the titans aren't going to look like the texans at the unveiling, so there's nothing at all to worry about here.
  7. As a Titans fan, I need these to be accurate. Lol.
  8. General consensus at Jere Lehtinen's retirement game was that Zubov's 56 is next in Dallas.
  9. That's gonna be the only way I see it happening. Someone is going to be told they can't keep their team name, so they'll drop it entirely so all their fans can keep calling them whatever they always did.
  10. I can attest to this. Once the Burn became FC Dallas, every facet of social media started saying "maybe we can be called the Toros?" "No we can be THE HOOPS!" "We wear red! Rojos? Diablos? Vaqueros?" All these years later and all those nicknames are silly. People usually just call them FCD (eff see dee). Sports fans are too aware now. You can't have an organic name develop, because once everyone knows that's the plan, they inorganically fixate on it.
  11. I feel like we've come full circle now... teams used to have no name and then developed organic nicknames. Then they adopted names that fit the image they wanted to portray, inorganically... Then we ran out of original and appropriate names for new teams, so we are okay with just mailing it in and being "Seattle Hockey Club," because everything else is either boring, silly, or derivative.
  12. Well I'm a Titans fan in Dallas, and I'd love silver helmets and pants. Competition won. Lol. The silver Oilers helmet is an all time favorite of mine.
  13. I don't think these are all the same jersey. My guess is a navy primary with Columbia yokes (per usual). A grey alternate with navy yokes (pic is upside down). A white color rush with columbia numbers, outlined in red with red swooshes (just a hunch)...... I may need a Henry AND a Mariota.
  14. I'm feeling very relieved from that teaser... Looks like navy primary, Columbia secondary. I'd prefer the inverse but i can live with that. Red swoosh is interesting. Sleeves may be nuts, for good or bad. Can't wait. Seems like all the logo colors, silver included, may be used on the actual uniform.
  15. He obviously works for Vandelay Industries.
  16. really boring "practice jersey" looking football uniforms are my favorite. an Alabama jersey is just crimson jersey with white numbers, and overall, when paired with the helmet and pants, is a powerful uniform. an Oakland jersey is just black, with silver numbers... but with the helmet and pants, it's effective. the Cardinals looked best in just red jerseys with white numbers. in most sports, the jersey itself has to do the heavily lifting of visual appeal, and you can't get by with just a solid color garment... but the football uniform usually has an interested helmet and pants with stripes... and i just think the best way to deal with disappearing real estate on the sleeves is just keep it obsessively simple. i'd be fine with the titans just wearing columbia blue jerseys with white numbers, outlined in navy or red, with a unique or bold number font. no need to re-invent the wheel for most teams.
  17. I think we are gonna look like blue Troy Trojans, which is cool with me since that's my Alma Mater.
  18. is it? i'm not arguing, i honestly don't know. i thought they slowly phased out all their silver for that gunmetal shade of dark grey over the years, and even then, only in outlines.
  19. Iiiiiiinteresting... my old madden concept is looking more and more prophetic, as far as logos go. i hope. you know.... if this logo lost the ribbon and replaced the 20 with the tennessee circle that belongs on the sword....... that would be a pretty sweet primary logo. it fixes all the complaints i have with the t-sword as a primary logo, and feels VERY "titan." just needs more columbia. from this, i take a few things... 1, the logos and colors won't be drastically different... 2, silver is going to be utilized way more now than it ever was before. 3, columbia blue may be downgraded.... OR MAYBE, upgraded... and the logos don't feature a lot of columbia blue because they'll usually appear on a columbia background? just spitballin'. i can't wait to see these.
  20. Stars were apparently planning a throwback alternate for this season, but Adidas didn't comply with that... so I'd expect that jersey to be worn next year. But that's not confirmed. Just heavily rumored.
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