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  1. I don’t think the teams should get to have that much of a say. Just look at the recent Seahawks or Patriots monstrosity of an end zone for example. I trust people like George Toma’s decision making on a Super Bowl field more than Bob Kraft’s. It would almost be like telling someone what to get you for Christmas - Just open the present when the time comes, and enjoy the gift. Let the experts in the field make those decisions. Besides, Too many chefs in the kitchen won’t work out well when it comes to consistency or tradition.
  2. What’s the likelihood of the numbers being outlined this year? With a grass field, there’s absolutely no excuse not to. I’d go with red for both teams.
  3. I remember thinking as a kid the reason they kept the stripes for the conference logo helmet also, was because the Bengals painted the stripes on the helmet instead of using a decal. So it’s literally considered part of their helmet. I was just 6 years old, but it’s still not a bad theory.
  4. Steelers makes sense because they already had a tradition going with their previous Super Bowl appearances. The Broncos not going with an orange end zone the 2 most recent times, still baffles me. Nonetheless, I’m glad KC will have the yellow end zone. Should make for a great contrast.
  5. I must say this year’s field will look better than the previous few years. I’m thankful for the saloon font and the return of a 2 bar helmet warms my heart. I’ll try to overlook the fact that it’s onky in one end zone and be thankful for what we have. I’m actually very surprised they threw a curveball and went with a yellow end zone for the Chiefs. This may be a FIRST!: Since they abandoned the helmets in the end zone design, Has there been a team that has had the end zone colored in a different color than what their primary home jerseys are?
  6. Aside from having great potential for Super Bowl match-ups this year - This has got to be the best year we've seen in a lonnnng time for the Conference Championship Game fields as well. They are both hosted on grass by teams that haven't been in a while. As a result, Both teams have kicked it up a notch for the Playoffs. Neither team colored their end zones for the regular season, but kicked it up a notch for the Playoffs. That's the way it should be. That's the way I often remember it is a kid. Just as the Super Bowl field design does - it gives you that extra sense that something special and unique is taking place. Also, San Francisco's "Saloon font" is so pleasing to the eyes - please tell me they'll use it if they make it to Miami.
  7. It's hard to come up with a short list. (I often think in terms of best looking individual end zones). But my Top 5 fields would probably be: SB 17: Anything with the Dolphins end zones added an extra dimension because of their shadow effect, (aqua end zones, orange letters white outline, black shadow) ...And SB17 was the only one played on grass. The Redskins end zone made for a great variety of colors at the other end. And the Rose Bowl is the perfect setting, just in case the other reasons weren't enough. SB 19: The Dolphins returned 2 years later, but this time with orange end zones. I remember as a kid, being surprised, because I had already figured out the formula, but then they added an element of unpredictability. (still not sure why the Dolphins end zone was changed so drastically just 2 years apart). But to this day it is the most striking, colorful end zone in Super Bowl history. SB 19 was also before we had grown tired of the 49ers going so much, consequently the first time we would see that end zone on a grass surface. SB 30: Yall have already given many food reasons. I'd like to note that it was the last year they had dueling helmets, yet the first & only year they used the more modern looking facemask. SB 25: I usually don't like when both end zones are very similar colors, But the red and blue from Giants and Bills did happen to match the special 25th anniversary logo at midfield. It was also a very memorable game, which helps, SB 47: I hold a grudge towards the field layouts after SB30 (no more helmets, lack of consistency) ... but this matchup between the Ravens and 49ers provided some good color with the purple and gold, and the red and gold. Other favorites include: SB 20 Bears- Patriots ... SB 16 Bengals-49ers ... SB21 Giants-Broncos ... SB26 Redskins Bills ... SB15 Rams-Steelers ... SB 15 Eagles- Raiders ... SB 8 Vikings - Dolphins
  8. It is very misleading on Stubhub's part to have the team's endzone locations reversed from real life. And even worse, Their sidelines are backwards as well . According to a real-life photo, the Patriots are the sideline below the midfield logo. and the endzone to the left. I'd be ticked thinking I was buying tickets on the Rams' side based on this false diagram.
  9. Good point. If anyone's to blame, it's the Rams for deciding on that uniform combination. But that does bring up another similar case though: When the Broncos' helmets were a different shade of blue than the rest of their uniforms (Super Bowl 21, 12)... The helmets painted on the field matched the darker color of blue used for the lettering in the end zones. Accuracy was sacrificed for the sake of matching the Broncos word-mark.
  10. What the hell are they doing with the mismatching shades of blue between the helmet and the background? ...Why?
  11. Thank God they're using SOME yellow. But the thing that really bothers me is the choice of font for the Rams. It's bad enough that I've seen the Rams use 3 different fonts this year, at some point. ...And for them to roll out the one that is beyond generic, is really a disappointment. Their original "throwback" font as used in SB 14 would have been great.
  12. Phil, I also agree with most everything you said. Especially the Dolphins "surprise" orange end zone in Super Bowl 19. I still think it's the best looking end zone ever in a Super Bowl. (honorable mention would have to be Dolphins end zone in SB 17 (aqua). Add the Browns to the list along with the Oilers and Bucs of end zones I wish we had seen in the 70s, 80s, 90s .... And as for modern day - add my Jaguars who have come up just short 3 times now
  13. Yeah It's definitely not as promising as it was in the 70's 80's and 90's. I'm just hoping that since our home field does it that way, it would remain the same in the Super Bowl endzone (but you bring up a good point with the Falcons last year). I hate how they are just using white lettering more and more with NO outline - So Would they really do white lettering on a black background and call it a day? .. It would be a first.
  14. I love the work that Pitt6Pack has done, ...But I wanted to mention that I believe the Jaguars endzone would include "Jacksonville" atop the wordmark. Virtually everything sold here in Jacksonville appears with the wordmark as such. It would also make way for a little more color; As it would most likely have Jacksonville in Gold (small) and Jaguars in white (big) ...(similar to the Arizona Cardinals wordmark).
  15. As a huge fan of the Super Bowl Field Database, and an even huger fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars, this week is extraordinary to me. After we beat the Steelers on Sunday, I knew that - if nothing else - we had now made it to the "What Could Have Been" section of the Super Bowl Field Database. Keep up the good work!
  16. I don't particularly like this year's field either, BUT I will somewhat defend the lack of a logo in the left side of the Patriots end zone. The actual Patriots wordmark does include the head. (just refer to the end zones at their home field). So the NFL was sticking to that by putting it under the Patriots lettering. And I guess they didn't want 2 flying Elvis that close together. In my opinion, It's MUCH BETTER than the alternative, which would have given us plain ugly white letters by itself throughout most of the end zone. At least this adds color where it is most needed. I'm pretty confident this is the only NFL team they would alleviate the logo on the left side for, so I'm not as concerned as some of yall. (or maybe I'm just being too optimistic). If they still did the old iconic double helmet design, this wouldn't be a problem ....but that's a another story for another day.
  17. 3 of the last 4 Super Bowl fields have been too blue and too bland! (Ravens vs. 49ers being the exception). The thing that bothers me most is the plain-Jane 2 color end zones the last 2 years (no outlining of the lettering). Does anyone have an idea why? p.s. - Im new to this site and new to this topic, but it's great to see there are others out there as passionate as I am about the Super Bowl field. (Maybe I'm not the only dork after all)
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