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  1. Is the grey sections on the Jaguars helmet supposed to be there? I thought it might be showing the helmet to be shiny, but do not see anything similar on the Browns helmets.
  2. What about the Eagles endzone in silver?
  3. What about the Houston Mavericks/Carolina Cougars/Spirits of St. Louis franchise? And the San Diego Conquistadors/Sails?
  4. How would the white Habs jersey look with the chest stripe with red the main color and blue stripes on the top and bottom?
  5. In the top picture, you de-habs the red jersey and in the bottom picture, you habs the white jersey.
  6. 2 questions on the Browns logo 1) why is the toe of her left foot pointing down? 2) what is doing with her left hand and the hem of her dress? Those make the logo look odd to me. The rest of the logos look great. I love the Vikings and Buccaneers.
  7. How would the Bees look with Cool Black (hex #002e63) instead of Navy Blue?
  8. On the Angels, I would switch from Periwinkle to Sky Blue (r128,g218,b235) and go from Yellow to Golden Yellow (r255,g223,b0). I would also scrap the yellow caps. Use the Alt 2 cap at home and the alt 1 cap on the road.
  9. Got a question on the Star logo for Panama. On the logo you have the red on the top and blue on the bottom while on the flag, red is on the right and blue is on the left, why change from the left/right split of the flag to a top/bottom split?
  10. I might take it a little further with the name moving. The Pelicans name can go to Los Angeles, send the Lakers name back to its original home in Minnesota, move the Timberwolves name to Toronto, and move the Raptors name to Utah (there is a dinosaur named the Utahraptor). Also, why Vespas for Charlotte and Okapis for Los Angeles?
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