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  1. Would you be able to make a helmet with this logo? please and thanks
  2. the current logo just looks 1000% better than the C you originally used and what is on the alternate. also really not feeling the red pants i think black pants with a yellow and red stripe would work great for the flames. definitely not bad but could be improved.
  3. disagree with you here. feels very northwestern football, works well here especially since its the habs. have to change up Nashville, really not a fan of all those small stripes. maybe take some inspiration from navy lacrosse which has stripes like that to make it look cleaner. really loving these concepts so far not much critique to give thats different than anyone else so I've been enjoying from the sidelines. well done so far.
  4. wow i love bakersfield and the sense. great stuff, really creative but not over the top. id also like to know why the grey for bakersfield but not because I'm bashing it, i think it looks great.
  5. honestly really love the jazz logo, i think its very creative and subtle with the J inside the U. It also looks good and a team could certainly build an identity around that logo well done.
  6. thats got to be one of my favorite patriots concepts I've seen on the boards in a while!
  7. tilt the pant strip so that it goes with the pants. the way you have it now means someone wearing it would have the stripe coming from the butt which is weird. Also I'm not sure about the shoulder swords i feel like you could work them in different they feel too forced upon the jersey.
  8. for the bulls id like to see the helmet logo a little bigger and maybe some tv numbers on top of the shoulder. other than that i can't get behind this identity i like it
  9. i definitely prefer the set with the shoulder stripe and i like the revisions you've made.
  10. i feel like there needs to be just a tiny bit of orange in the pants to tie the whole set together. the pants just look out of place.
  11. coyotes is beautiful, i really like the logo and the identity you created for them
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