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  1. Would you be able to make a helmet with this logo? please and thanks
  2. the current logo just looks 1000% better than the C you originally used and what is on the alternate. also really not feeling the red pants i think black pants with a yellow and red stripe would work great for the flames. definitely not bad but could be improved.
  3. Cornell: Went with a different piping than they've had in the past. Didn't use much black at all. One helmet features the school logo, the other has the athletic logo. Dartmouth: Green helmet is based off of the football helmet. Double green stripes on the shoulders instead of the sleeves to differentiate from yale. Tilted the shorts stripes because i felt it fit the look. And finally, Princeton: Warrior has done some crazy things in the past with princeton. Gave them tiger stripe sublimation without going overboard. Also changed the number font to be something less cartoony.
  4. Up next, Brown and Havard! Harvard gets some sleeve stripes and shorts stripes. What they have now is plain, which works well for them, but these stripes still give off a traditional feel. Brown doesn't get anything revolutionary, just touch ups on their current uniforms. C&C welcome, the rest of the Ivy League will be posted tomorrow!
  5. Moving on to the Ivy League. Starting off with Penn: Almost all the Ivy League teams are going to be super basic to give a traditional feel. The shorts stripe for Penn is supposed to emulate the P logo a little bit, half red half white. Also, the stripes on the sides of the jersey are supposed to lead into the shorts stripe. Considered going white numbers on the away but kinda liked how the red looked. Now with Yale: Yale is pretty basic, like i mentioned earlier to give a traditional feel. Double stripes on the sleeves and shorts are similar to that used in other sports, especially hockey. Brown and Harvard will be up tomorrow. Dartmouth, Cornell, and Princeton will be up by the end of the week. The Ivy league will be my last conference because Friday I will lose my ability to access Adobe Illustrator.
  6. Finishing off the Big Ten with Michigan and Maryland. Michigan: Although they are technically adidas sponsored, I gave the under armour jerseys. Went with side stripes similar to georgia swarm of the NLL and a Michigan throwback football jersey. Considered going solid blue or outlined side panels on the yellow jersey. Maryland: Didn't go crazy with the flag. Basically what they have now with different shorts. Maryland is the only team with three jerseys right now. I would love to hear any opinions, good or bad, on these teams or the previous. The more C&C the better!
  7. Ohio State Update: Decided to switch the home jersey to gray, its still light enough where it wont create any issues with any teams they face. The yoke on the away jersey also becomes gray. Also added an extra outline on the numbers. Only one pair of shorts for both jerseys. Moving on to Johns Hopkins and Penn State Hopkins: For hopkins I went super basic. It kind of reminds me of the uniforms they had when paul rabil was first there but i added piping to the jersey. the wing helmet is now white, no chrome. Penn State: Another pretty basic team. The jerseys are the same they've used for a couple of years now, I love they way they look. The shorts get Penn State script. The real change is no more gray helmet and the penn state wordmark on the chest is different that what they have now. As always C&C is appreciated and needed!
  8. Rutgers Update: Added an outer shadow like outline on the pants stripe. similar to the helmet stripe.
  9. for the bengals why not go all white uniform with orange as a secondary color. black just seems out of place for "color rush"
  10. Well with no comments I am moving on to the Big Ten starting with Ohio State and Rutgers Ohio State gets a serious change from what they have now. The shoulder yoke is based on what their hockey team has with the buckeye logo as the shoulder patch. The keep their silver helmet with the stripe down the middle, however the stripe does not continue onto the facemask anymore. Rutgers is pretty simple. Kept it clean and classic. Only the font is the really sort of crazy thing here, but even that isnt too wild. The shorts stripe is based off of what the football team has as their pant stripe.
  11. Rutgers and Ohio State will be up later today, anyone want to comment on virginia?
  12. North Carolina update: Changed the away jersey to carolina blue, fixed the team name in the top right corner, fixed the 7. The final team of the ACC is Virginia. i struggled with them so id like to hear as much feedback as possible on the good, the bad, and the ugly with this concept. I kept their all navy helmet with the orange outline logo and orange facemask since i love that helmet. Went with a different style of piping on the jersey. C&C always welcome and needed!
  13. did not notice that carolina was still team name, will definitely fix that thanks!
  14. Notre Dame update: Changed the shamrocks to gold on both jerseys. I really want the green to clash and stand out. I was, however, clearly in the minority so the shamrock was changed. Next up Duke and North Carolina! For Duke black has returned to the uniforms. A similar stripe to the basketball uniforms is used on the shorts as well as the stripes on the jersey having the same outline technique as the shorts stripe. Also, the gradient helmet is gone and replace with simple white or blue helmets. North Carolina get a pretty serious overhaul. The argyle pattern appears on the shorts and the side of the jerseys. The chrome helmet was pretty much stolen from the football team. Besides the argyle pattern the uniforms are pretty simplistic like North Carolina's uniforms have traditionally been,
  15. As we approach the final month of regular season games I decided to come up with some uniform adjustments for college lacrosse teams. I will start by designing the ACC and move on to probably the Big Ten from there. Starting off I have Syracuse and Notre Dame. For Syracuse I wanted to give an old school feel, bring back the glory days, but I didn't want to go over the top with a throwback uniform. I combined elements from the uniforms they wore back when the Gaits were at the school, and also from the 2008, 2009 championship teams. With Notre Dame i went very new and crazy. The shamrock has a celtic design, which is also featured on the blue helmet. the gold helmet has a bright green chrome facemask. Also kept a similar striping to what they already have now.