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  1. I wasn't really going for different designs, but more of concepts based on pre-existing hats.
  2. In the big leagues, many teams have alternate or away caps, but don't have a batting helmet to match it, making for inconsistent headgear. I decided to make batting helmets concepts based off these hats. The template didn't really turn out the way I wanted it to, but the helmets don't look bad. My favorite concept is the orange Marlins helmet. Since these concepts aren't anything new, I'll put them all in a few posts. C & C would be greatly appreciated, as this is my first time doing anything other than hockey jerseys. Thanks!
  3. Honestly, the shorts were worse. When the Mariners did the first TATC in 1998, they went all out, and it went really well. Players and fans of both teams loved it. Here's an article by Paul Lukas about that monumental day. Who knew Griffey was such a style guy?
  4. Loving the shoutout to the Royals, I wish they were still here. I'm enjoying the Cincinnati innuendo with the seven points on the crown. I don't think the peach color is really needed. Maybe just redefining some of the lines on the ball. Other than that, awesome job!