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  1. Nice work! Love the saints neo-retro.
  2. Thanks. No, I didn't win. And I didn't do the uniforms because of time.
  3. I saw on the forums that the Madden winners had been notified. These were my submissions. Meant to share these earlier. Same logo with alternate colors.
  4. Nice graphic and type work. Love the colors too.
  5. How much weight does the sponsor choice have in your decision? Will you consider submissions without sponsors?
  6. Fantastic work. Love all the jerseys. Very fresh look to them.
  7. Ahhh...I see now. Carry on.
  8. The bear is fantastic! My only crit here is that my brain keeps looking for that left claw. The word mark has opportunity along the bottom. Patrick
  9. Original logo... Try starting your bolt from left to right and make your zig-zag more at an angle like traditional lighting bolts are usually depicted. Then I would play with the size of the JA letters within the bolt nest. Have you tried making all three the same size and have the same "bolt" treatment? Patrick
  10. Good start just feels a little flat in the nose/mouth area. Im finding it hard to see the overall shape with the white outline as is. Patrick
  11. Very nice! Really like the wilderness colors of the first mark. Patrick
  12. Great start! Agree with above comments. I would add that the G and S in the word mark are too large and are fighting with the bear and legibility. Hair details inside need to be more pronounced and simplified. Hope that helps. Patrick
  13. No doubt. Loses all the drama this way. But keep in mind, it's just a rough concept. Needs a ton of work still.
  14. Here you go! And a real quick alt-color rough.
  15. This is one badass thread. Darth must be a photoshop Sith Lord or something. Great stuff!
  16. 3 blue pin-stripes away with the orange trim on the collar is fantastic.
  17. Thanks!!!! Good points...dont know if its obvious or not but the name is an extension of resurgence. And I guess the name and bird could always be adjusted in size to taste.
  18. I agree. Could be a hair smaller in length to give it the proper illusion of it going around a sphere and not following the drip edge.Or something like that.
  19. Nice clean mark. I like it.
  20. Love the retros! Middle update on the green background is great.