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  1. I love this. It's by far my favorite wordmark of theirs. EDIT: yo I figured it out, it's because it gently rips off the Chiefs
  2. We've all kind of figured this to be the case, but I haven't seen an interview or a quote from anyone about this. I know it's not the most important issue re: the league's operations, but seeing as how they hold extravagant showings for new uniforms and brand updates for teams, it seems people (semi-normal ones, not freaks like us) have taken an interest in football aesthetics. It's a stupid position for the NFL to take, and they'll realize this probably 8 years too late. The visual history of the NFL is charmingly weird and granular—no one knows why they kept conference logos in the endzones to start with, but they were there and it's part of the lore now. I can't make a real argument for it without just saying it looks cool, almost like it's album artwork and the artist made a design decision to include the bar code and record label logo on the front of the sleeve.
  3. I wish there was some kind of explanation from the NFL on why they seem to be fazing out the conference logos. The end zone space argument doesn't really hold up. This was pointed out last year, that the Broncos wordmark was barely larger (if at all) in 2016 without the AFC logo than in 2014.
  4. I think conference logos are helpful for people who aren't familiar with the two-sided playoff format—it quickly explains to the layperson why the Cowboys and Packers can't ever face each other in the Super Bowl. Also, the pageantry is fun. It shows off the fact that the reason why your team is here is that they are NFC or AFC champions. Like, imagine being a Browns fan when (if?) they finally see a brown endzone with the AFC logo in it on a Super Bowl field for the first time.
  5. No surprises here but the grass seems to be ok?
  6. Texas Tech has been tweeting images like this one showing their new signees all in this black jersey: The same as from the set they wore against Arkansas in 2014: Those uniforms (as well as the jerseys and corresponding throwback apparel) have been reeeaallly popular in Lubbock--I'm really wondering if Tech makes some sort of permanent switch to something resembling that Arkansas game look.
  7. Thank you all for the kind words and pointers. Giving it another go...
  8. Hi guys, I've lurked for a long time/posted under a different username I lost the password for a long time ago. But I wanted to share a rough concept I created for my portfolio to get your opinion and criticism on. It's for the Austin Armadillos, an expansion MLB franchise (let's say NL--three AL teams in Texas would be a headache for everyone). The name is fairly obvious: armadillos are everywhere in central Texas and it's one of the state's most popular symbols. But what sold me on it initially was the link to the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, a rock venue in the 70s that was the cradle for what became the Live Music Capitol of the World. I modified what is an excellent template created by BrandMooreArt for the uniforms. I appreciate any notes or criticism!
  9. I really like almost all of them, thoughtfully done.
  10. Has anyone seen proof yet that the NFL's one helmet-per-player-per-season rule that doesn't allow for throwback/alternate helmets is safer? It'd be really weird if Baylor is paying $65,000 for one-off helmets that increase the risk of concussions.