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  1. Alert. Looks to be a fake 1955 Yankees salesman sample ring on ebay. Balfour markings look bad and the row of stars is missing from the top hat. Be careful.
  2. First 2017 New England Patriots Super Bowl Players ring hits the market!!!
  3. The following is a July 3, 2017 quote from Ernie Pallidino, CBS NY: "The late Barry Halper, one of the biggest and most famous collectors in the country until his death in 2005, suffered posthumous scrutiny in 2010 when a uniform purportedly worn by 1919 Chicago White Sox star “Shoeless” Joe Jackson he had donated to the Hall of Fame was deemed a fake. Problem was the Hall found that the acrylic dye used in the logo didn’t come out until 1941. The Hall removed the jersey in 2008. The matter was exacerbated by conflicting published accounts from Halper as to where the jersey came from. Subsequent issues about other items tainted the images of both Halper and what had been considered the country’s foremost private collection of America’s pastime." Bottom line, do your homework before buying even from allegedly reputable sellers. Just because it's in an auction, doesn't make it real. Auction houses have an incentive to sell.... it's called MONEY.
  4. very interesting article on the 1927 Babe Ruth ring that just sold for $2 million at Lelands auction. Be careful when buying championship rings from auction houses. Do your homework. http://haulsofshame.com/blog/?p=40653#more-40653
  5. If you are going to the National Sports Convention in Atlantic City looking to buy real championship rings be careful of unscrupulous dealers.
  6. Here's some pics of 2009 Yankees Old Timers Day ring i recently picked up. Very cool ring and 14k gold. Given to participants to celebrate first Old Timers game in the new Yankee Stadium.
  7. A side by side comparison of 2011 and 2012 authentic players Super Bowl rings. The size difference is crazy. Even crazier is that the smaller Giants ring weighs more than the Ravens ring as the Giants ring is 14k gold compared to the 10k gold Ravens ring.
  8. Here's a couple of old school Michigan football rings from 1988 and 1989, Bo Schembechler's last 2 years at Michigan. Simple and classic designs. The 1989 ring has "BO" on one of the shanks to pay tribute to Bo's last year with the Wolverines.
  9. Not 100% sure as only a few have surfaced over the years including one that belonged to Casey Stengel, the Mets first manager. They were given out by Mets ownership. It's made by Balfour and is 10k gold with real diamond and rubies.
  10. My favorite NY Mets ring from the 1960's. Great design with the NY skyline on the front and the Mr. Met and Shea Stadium on the shanks.
  11. My take is that Tiffany makes rings that can be worn on a regular basis by the players and that the Jostens rings are too big to be worn and are essentially trophies.
  12. looks like a scam just to get us to go to her website that has nothing to do with sports rings
  13. Is it possible to both like and dislike each and every one of these at the same time? For example, the "World Champions" layout on the ring at left is done in a beautiful font, but the rounded shape of the top of the ring I'm not as fond of. The middle ring meanwhile has a solid, traditional (by 21st century standards) style'd top, but lacks character. The ring on the right suffers from the same traits. Had the Giants incorporated that gold "World Champions" encirclement on all three rings, but in a block form akin to the shaping of the middle ring, plus utilized the interlocking "SF" layout from the third ring (at right)? They'd have one dynamite looking championship ring. As it is, they have three decent, but rather bland looks that I don't think will stand the test of time design-wise. Good analysis. Plus, all 3 rings are much too similar to one other. No variety or imagination whatsoever.
  14. Ring looks nice. Something different for a change. Not the same cookie cutter stuff we've been seeing from Jostens and Balfour.