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  1. It's weird as hell to see Houston on the AL side of the bracket. Damn you Bud Selig.
  2. Seeing an Oregon concept without anything happening on the shoulders (real or conceptually) just feels plain wrong. I think this is a good start, but way too understated.
  3. If I may ask, why did you choose to use those fonts if, by your own words, they're not strong enough on their own? I'm genuinely curious and not trying to beat a dead horse.
  4. I'm going to venture a guess that in the center field bullpen, it would be tough for two pitchers to warm up at the same time, considering they're pretty much butt-to-butt in that configuration.
  5. If it weren't for the word Rockets in your primary logo, I'd have a hard time figuring out that was meant to be a rocket. Looks like a crayon or paintbrush or dare I say phallical-looking stick. The lines are too thin. The font is so 70s and therefore dated. The brown mustard yellow on the update doesn't seem to mesh well with the red. Why a drop shadow - it simply creates congestion to the legibility of the wordmark. In the secondary, the skyline is too compact that it would lose any kind of visibility on the shorts, and winning another championship with this proposed rebrand would negate the secondary logo immediately. No on the tramp stamp on the shorts. I like what you're trying to get at with the jerseys and meshing a couple of eras together, but all in all this concept falls too flat, IMO, and comes off rushed.
  6. For continuity sakes, if you're going to have both wordmarks, you should probably remove the white background from Los Angeles so it matches the Clippers. Preferably, I'd like to see a whole new set of wordmarks that tie in better with this logo; something that balances the logo a little more (LA on top, Clippers on bottom).
  7. During Sunday's Uni Watch post, Paul had his usual uniform tweaks/concepts and one featured a rebranding of the Clippers upcoming reband from Josh Murphy of UX Design. In my opinion, I believe this is infinitely better than what has been leaked. Here's the full rebrand for those that haven't seen it yet.
  8. As a Rangers fan, I'd have to say that this is a step back from their current set. If you're making a Texas Rangers badge (the police unit), I'm inclined to say the roundel for this set needs to be much, much thicker. The color variation in names, number, etc. has already been mentioned. And having the 'star and T' combination for the hat is way too similar to Houston's 'star and H' hats.
  9. I agree. I have no vested interest in it, but I was always a fun on the name Rougarou, which is part of Louisiana folklore and much more fearsome than Pelicans. Plus for speaking purposes Rougarou rolls off the tongue better than Pelicans following Orleans.Fantastic concept. I really dig the City Pride jersey, although mixing in some of NO's more recognizable colors would have been interesting to see.
  10. Is it bad that I immediately thought of Walter Matthau in Grumpier Old Men?
  11. Is there any chance you could adjust the hawk head on the uniform (or the script) so that it doesn't hang off above the eye? Also bring those two elements down a bit so they don't crowd the collar/arm area.
  12. I've been searching for an answer, tried tweeting to Chris and Phil (from UniWatch) but to no luck -- and I'm sorry to bring up such an old thread, but this was the only relevant thing that popped up searching "cowboys flywire collar blue." Below was posted to ESPN Dallas today (10/10/14) and it shows a weird phenomenon during Cowboys' games. It doesn't affect every player, but is definitely noticeable -- the blueing of the Nike Flywire collar. I can't decide if it's sweat or lighting related. On the left, you see the collar is blue-ish (other times during the game it's really, really noticeable), on the right, nothing. Has this been explained that I missed, or is it one of the wonders of the world like Stonehenge?
  13. To me, these are a complete downgrade from the Mavs' current set. While I like the idea of adding Don Carter's hat back into the logo design, it doesn't work with the team's current font and the unimaginative basketball. Also, the horse secondary logo is atrocious.
  14. Just like Alabama, Penn State, USC, the Texas set is one that should never be touched. They're iconic, and the addition of black would be a travesty, IMO.