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  1. Are they saying their own team is a bunch of diseased rats? that's metal af
  2. This dude Matthew Wolff continues to do great work, Green Bay Voyageurs, Oakland Roots, LAFC, NYCFC... https://matthewwolff.com/portfolio/logos/If you're a professional soccer team in North America with a mediocre crest, why would you NOT hire this guy?
  3. UNION OMAHA ANNOUNCED AS USL LEAGUE ONE CLUB’S NAMEObligatory crest video with unnecessary explanations for even the most obvious elements like the soccer ball...https://www.omahaprosoccer.com/thecrest
  4. Just saw this... Thank you Nashville SC for making the rest of MLS (even the Revs!) look great by comparison.
  5. This looks so much better already... someone put "Nashville Soccer Club" around this please...
  6. It's actually the perfect logo... for a construction company (stop sign) that builds gyms (barbell)!
  7. A new contender emerges... (not one of the worst, but a downgrade imo): USL: MLS: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/02/20/nashville-mls-expansion-team-unveils-name-crest
  8. Wisconsin is killing it... Forward Madison FC in the third division, Green Bay Voyageurs FC in the fourth division... now they just need a second division team in Milwaukee. Name, logo and colors announced for Green Bay USL League Two - Green Bay Voyageurs FCkit reveal: They better have a tifo based on this...
  9. Most of the Americanized names in MLS are just fine: Sounders, Whitecaps, Timbers, Earthquakes, Crew, Impact... "Americanized" names that wouldn't look out of place (from the lower divisions): Sacramento Republic Indy Eleven Charlotte Independence Las Vegas Lights Phoenix Rising New York Cosmos Jacksonville Armada Charleston Battery Bethlehem Steel Tulsa Roughnecks Oakland Roots etc. etc. Just because Nashville Beat, Groove, Honky Tonkers, Vibe, and Notes would all be f'ing terrible names, doesn't mean it's not possible to have decent Americanized names.
  10. Have any of these people ever seen a tiger before?
  11. God those names are all terrible....
  12. Nashville MLS rebrand coming Feb 20th? Here's what they're currently using in USL: I think only minor changes are needed... The year being straight text in a curved circle looks awkward. I'd go with Nashville around the top, Soccer Club around the bottom, no year. Aside from that, the white circle is a bit too large relative to the inside circle. Their primary kit better have a "six string sash" across the chest, that is just too obvious... although with those colors and a sash they're going to look like the LA Galaxy. If Atlanta United are nicknamed the Five Stripes, does that make Nashville the Six Strings?
  13. You wanted an SB Nation logo? The Sounders 2 rebrand has you covered: (Not that it's a downgrade)
  14. A new contender emerges: The Michigan Bucks are now the Flint City Bucks... improvement in terms of the name, but that new crest, yikes... The old one wasn't perfect, but could have been really improved with minor changes... whereas the new one is reminiscent of the Milwaukee flag
  15. Not sure I buy this, based on one poll...
  16. As an Earthquakes fan, I've never liked our rebrand... I think a lot of the criticisms here are spot on https://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/new_logo_and_identity_for_san_jose_earthquakes_by_fiction.php https://mwillis.com/identity-sketches-for-the-san-jose-earthquakes/ The red 1974 and line on the right only really annoys me lol same with the top of the crest being curved when the lettering isn't...
  17. Bring back AC St Louis! Colors and badge The inverted shield features a fleur-de-lis with a golden flame beneath a catenary arch. The fleur-de-lis, a long time symbol of the city featured heavily in the region's iconography, was a symbol of French monarchs including Louis IX of France, for whom the city is named. The flame alludes to the 1904 Summer Olympics which were held in St. Louis as part of the St. Louis World's Fair, and is seen by many St. Louisans to be one of the formative events in the city's history. The arch represents the Gateway Arch, which was built in 1965 as a memorial to the city's placement in American history as the "Gateway to the West." A.C. is an homage to the Missouri Athletic Club, which has promoted soccer in the region for more than 100 years. It would fit right in with the other greens!
  18. If you're going to include Inter Miami, it might be time to also add Austin FC. The MLS site just added Austin's crest at the top: Still waiting on Nashville... do we know when they're expected to reveal their new crest?
  19. That's one, not "some MLS crests"... Personally, I think even New England's is better than Atlanta SC:
  20. Which ones? You can't just make a statement like that and not specify which MLS teams you think have a worse crest than this abomination...
  21. I don't even like the Silverbacks name, no problem whatsoever with them dropping it. The awful crest, on the other hand, is definitely their choice, and deserves mockery. "The colors represent the Georgia peach"... wonder what the ACTUAL PEACH represents!
  22. I never liked the "Silverbacks" name, but not only did they replace it with a generic one, their crest just went from 7/10 to -1/10... even the original Silverbacks crest was better (I'd give it a 2/10)... ATL Sliverbacks FC (NPSL) rebranded as Atlanta SCFrom To “The colors represent the Georgia Peach, which is symbol of Georgia” --Atlanta SC Owner and President Phoday Dolleh Yes it's merely a fourth division soccer team in a city that has Atlanta United so who cares... but still the #1 rule of logo redesign should be "first do no harm"
  23. It's Negative Space Day in USL... Hartford Athletic (USL)... yes that's a Whalers reference North Texas SC Unveiled as FCD's USL League One Team