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  1. Ole Miss please My name suggestion is the Mississippi Propers
  2. Great job! Baseball looks great!
  3. Didn't CFL America use to have Unis like that??
  4. The term "Ole Miss" was used by the students in the late 1800s and the early 1900s about a train that University attendees would ride if they needed a lift to nearby Memphis, TN. In 1903-1905ish Elma Meek suggested this name to the yearbook of this year and the name stuck. Nothing racist about it. Hotty Toddy and Go REBELS not Blackbears
  5. I like the idea but I don't love the colors, much to the same of the rest of the comments I would really enjoy a Mardi Gras theme as well.
  6. Maybe that I'm using an iPad but the unis look cherry colored to me.
  7. Man this is great, can't wait for this to expand as the days wear on. BTW are you possibly giving away naming rights to a lucky user?
  8. You never fail to disappoint Daryl, I like it if you don't mind how about a ray logo.
  9. I like it, a new look without messing up Notre Dame and yes Notre Dame did switch to Under Armor in March.
  10. So Tulane adopted blue for an official school color now?
  11. Dodgers Stadium in an episode of Modern Family.
  12. October 19,2013 I witnessed one of the greatest upsets in Ole Miss history as RS Senior Andy Ritter kicked the game winner with :03 seconds to go against the Bayou Bengals of Louisiana State
  13. The Ghosts of Ole Miss SEC Storied: The Book of Manning The Immaculate Deflection: The Story of the 1983 Egg Bowl